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    Testing testing… I am Kimberly and love this website.,.. Although it is a struggle for me to find the right kind of food and be able to cook it for me and my little one!  And I live with a husband who is not gluten free, so it's nice to have support!  Wink



    And it's nice to be able to post!! For a while I thought there was a trick to it!


    I have been grain free conscious… I do struggle… for over a year, and dairy free for a lot longer., and So is my two year old.  It all started with the awareness of how the gluten was contributing GREATLY to his colic, and since then I know it is right for us!  I do have challenging issues to face as far as my boy is concerned, because I do not want him to be SO 'different' growing up, and I want to make sure he is getting proper nutrition.    As for me, I am not feeling like I think I should feel at my age quite yet, but coupled with chiropractic and a little patience I feel that this diet is going to pay off in the long run.  After the 8 month mark (of grain free and chiropractic) my psoriasis began clearing IMMENSILY… and is almost completly gone!!!Laugh

    I am very open to any discussions if any one is in a similar position as me!

    Thanks again for the support!!


    Kathryn Reillytoocold



    Are you a hundred percent grain free? I am wondering if my occasional rice and dairy consumption is one of the reasons my eczema is not getting any better.  Can I eat seeds? 


    How strict are you with worrying about gluten bits getting into sponge, cutting boards, etc? 


    Thanks, Kathryn

    Peter OsbornePeter Osborne

    Welcome Kimberly,

    Thanks for sharing your story.  I hope your recovery is accelerated by the knowledge on this site.

    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile


    Thank you Dr. O!! I really have gained alot from your site and am sure there is more to come!

    Kathryn, I try really hard to be strict and I go through boughts where it is not easy and I crave the food so much that I eat it, but for the most part I am pretty strict. I haven't reached a point yet where I am so meticulous about cutting board use or cross contamination in the kitchen, but I wish I was because I do believe that it would help.

    I have been so confused about what is a grain and what is not, that I just eliminated evertything, even buckwheat and (I just dont have the patience to figure out how to get wild rice that isn't also containing other rice).  But RICE in general will make my skin itch. this is one grain I have no desire to touch…. just makes it easier for me not to eat processed foods because it is in everything!  

    I just recently added buckwheat back in for a second time, but everytime we eat it my sons feet smell really bad, and I get under arm odor. I am not sure if this is a cleansing thing or a bad thing, but I am going to avoid it  because of that. I am also still nursing so I don't really want to cleanse right now.

    Hope that was helpful! It is so helpful for me to be able to discuss these topics, since I don''t really have the 100% support at home.



    Dr. Osborne, I also wanted to say that this is just really making sense to me…. everything you are exploring makes comeplete sense, which helps with motivation to follow through everyday.  Aside that I do suffer from stomach issues and have my whole life.  If you have time to comment, could you please comment on cravings, chiropractic care and foods to eliminate, all in concerns with healing the gut? 

    Ayone else please, feel free to comment!! 

    Thank You!



    Kathryn, Seeds bother my stomach, I am not sure about that one.

    Martha SwiftMartha


    If your cravings are for sweet or starchy foods, you may have a yeast overgrowth issue.  Are you seeing someone now who could help you with testing and treatment?



    Hi Martha! Thank you! My cravings are for anything I do not want to eat, and that includes sugar, grains and potatos…. I know I should do away with the potatoes because they are not good for my skin, but it is sooooo hard. But my cravings are strange, like an addiction almost. I am ok and feeling much better when I cut out the grains, but if I have one little piece of something, sometimes it is months before I can get it under control and out of my diet again.  I have thought about the yeast but have not done any research.  I currently can not afford to go to the doctor and have no health insurance. 🙁


    Lori Quandtfarmwife67

    Kimberly, I would look into candida, it sounds to me like you could have a candida issue.  Once site with lots of information on that is He also has a television program on CTN I think. Google it too, you will find lots of info.


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