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    My name is Yenni and I have been diagnosed with celiac/gluten intolerance since 2006. Been doing without Gluten, Casein and soy ever since, but I am not quite as well as I want to. Still indigestion, fatigue and nausea off and on. Stomach ache. I am NO where near as sick as I was back in 2002-2006. I had so much heartburn I got sores in my throat (even being on anti-acids double dose), was constantly nauseous, so tired I couldn’t walk very far..diarrhea daily..stomach ache.. foggy brain.. I can’t even remember it all anymore.

    I react to most processed foods (gluten free), sugar, grains. I need to get off them also. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all though. I have some additional allergies to stone fruits and nuts. Seems like a lot of alternative cookbooks and such suggest nuts, apple, stone fruit…and I am stomped. I have been looking into several different diets (GAPS diet, Specific carbohydrate diet, Paleo..)… My tired brain has not been able to master this all yet.

    Other than this I am a happy. Wife of a supportive husband and mother to an almost 2 year old daughter. We feed her no gluten, casein or soy. Our home is pretty much gluten free.

    Peter Osborne

    Welcome Yenni!
    Thanks for joining us! Hang in there it gets easier the more you learn.
    All the best,
    Dr. OSmile

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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