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    Lonnie Ervin

    Hi everyone.

    My name is Lonnie. I’m 26 years old and new to this forum, but not the gluten free lifestyle.

    I’ve been gluten free for around 6 years. I went gluten free about a month after my mom was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, but she had been struggling with health issues her entire life that included GERD, Hiatial Hernia, hole in her heart, being overweight, chronic stomach issues, asthma, allergies, hypothyroidism, early menopause, barrett’s esophagus, eczema, and so on. I decided to try gluten free because I was overweight and was having symptoms that included acid reflux, gas, allergies that were worsening, eczema, cystic acne and having to run to the bathroom umpteen times a day which was unusual for me. My symptoms improved greatly when I stopped eating gluten & the temptation to cheat wasn’t even there. I was blood & stool tested 2x for Celiac Disease, but since I already stopped eating gluten they came back negative.

    I continued my gluten free lifestyle up until late 2011. I was helping my mom start up a new business, was under a lot of stress, and I was sick 9 times that year. I was becoming worried about my health that manifested in worsening allergies/congestion, my dermatitis was getting worse, was feeling sick to my stomach a lot, having lots of gas & horrible burps, was having huge amounts of pain & inflammation, extreme fatigue, getting sick easily, started having pitting of my finger nails, lost most of my sense of smell, etc. I was seriously worried I had some serious illness or was going to have to live like this the rest of my life. I started doing research when I happened upon dairy allergies & food intolerances and what they can do to you. In January I took a food interolerance test through the internet, it came back as me being highly intolerant to eggs, dairy, and a little intolerant of almonds. I quit all those foods immediately. I noticed some improvement, but not enough. I finally decided to go to an allergy doctor in March of 2012. He performed a skin test which came back that I was allergic to Dairy, Eggs, Weeds, & Rice (even he was suprirsed). I stopped all those foods immediately, but still only noticed some improvement. (definitely not as much as I thought there would be)

    Next I went to a dermatololgist for my dermatitis to see if he could help. I was shocked when all he had to tell me was that he didn’t know what was causing the pitting of my nails, didn’t know what was wrong with my finger that wasn’t healing (turned out it is a type of eczema), and prescribed a steroid liquid for the dermatitis and basically told me that he’d be interested to see if I develop Psoriasis and that he was looking forward to having me as a patient for the next 30 years. I left very disgusted to say the least. I never took the steroid and began looking for more natural approaches to things.

    Next I started researching other alternatives as well as a naturopathic doctor. I’d had my fill of traditional doctors who only wanted to keep prescribing me allergy medications & statins. That’s when I started learning about grain free eating as well as found out about this site. Once I learned what other grains can do to you I quit them as well about 2 months ago. I wish I could say that solved all my problems, but it was only a piece of the puzzle. My naturopath (who is also gluten sensitive) ordered a BM test and discovered that the good bacteria in my body was low, I had a couple strains of bad bacteria that were overgrowing, and I had some yeast. I was already taking a multivitamin, probiotics, omega 3s, garlic & so on before I even met her, but she had me double my probiotics & garlic, added Betaine HCL due to low stomach acid, added a digestive enzyme, added Methylated B vitamins (because she said some people have trouble turning it into the active form), and added Berberine which is a natural antiobiotic plus it lowers cholesterol.

    I’m so glad that I’ve gone grain free, found all these resources, found a great naturopath, and I’m starting to feel human again. Over the last 4 year I’ve lost 95ibs and I’m continuing to lose, my sense of smell is starting to come back, my mucus (sorry had to go there) isn’t just clear & gooey anymore, most of my congestion is gone, the pitting in my nails is going away, all my pain has stopped, most of my fatigue is gone, I haven’t gotten sick at all this year even with all the sick people around me, no more sick stomach & gas, and the list goes on. It’s been a crazy journey. I’ve learned a ton in the last year and a half and I plan on continuing to learn more as well as continue to feel better & be healthy.


    Lonnie, Thanks for the story. I hope it continues to be a good one!

    Peter Osborne


    Thanks for sharing your story!  So glad you are starting to feel better and are back on track.

    Keep us updated on your progress.

    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile

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