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    My name is Tricia. I am a new member and am so grateful for having found Dr. Osborne and this site! I look forward to digging in to all of the videos and litterature on this site! :D I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008 but have a myriad of other issues as well. I have done a lot of independant research on health and have discovered the connection between gluten and disease which led me here. I am curious to know if anyone else on here has been diagnosed with MS or any other auto-immune diseases and then experienced healing after having gone completely gluten-free. Pl,ease let me know. I’ll also be devouring the posts here in time so maybe I will discover some of you myself. I have to go for now but I’m looking forward to learning more about being gluten-free!



    Greetings Tricia,

    I was not tested for auto-immune diseases, so I believe that to be the reason that I can’t say that I had any. I had a symptom of plummeting blood pressure when I stood up. I Could stand anyway with sheer determination sometimes! I was painfully fatigued, though.

    Supplements helped me tread water until we found out about my gluten problem 5 years later. I did a classic gluten free diet for a couple months and then found Dr. Osbornes. Since I already knew I had problems with corn I elected to exclude rice also to try it. I appreciate the information I found here.

    I sure hope your MS will be helped by gluten free.


    I would also like to point out that I am just about to pass up Jackie (2nd highest ) in number of posts to the forum. She hasn’t posted for a very long time. Sometimes, I feel like I am taking over the forum. I am having a good time doing it.


    Hello Tricia,

    I just wanted to say that I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease (fibromyalgia) a little over 20 yrs ago. I went on a gluten free diet and within 36 hours of going gluten free I would say 85% of all my major symptoms, one being severe all over body pain, had disappeared! So to answer your question, yes, I do believe that some disease can be helped with taking gluten out of your diet.

    All you can do is to try it and give it time. I really hope that going gluten free can bring relief to you and possibly cure your disease!

    Keep us updated on your progress and we are all here for you.

    Hope for a speedy recovery for you!



    Ok I find this posting site not user friendly…hope this find you all….Hello, my name is Monique. Six years ago, I started to develop sores all over my body, lost an immense amount of scalp hairs, eyebrows, body hair completely gone and lost the sense of sweating. The nightmare began. Diagnosed first as Lou Gherig’s disease, then others came. I just about was ready to seal my coffin and my friend, a dermatologist, stated Herpetiformis dermatitis which he said just go on a gluten free diet….really??? so where do I go from here can you help? he couldn’t! well, ok! so on my own this is where my savings went out the window with a vast array of doctors, tests, biopsies, mri, ct scans, xrays xrays galore, prescriptions, to finally end up at the psychiatrist. But with persistency I hung in there. I am at a road now that I found a physician(gastro) who is canadian like I, and Canada is really on the forefront of Celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Just recently I had a genetic testing done just for the mere fact I told the new doc, hey I have been sick like this since I was a little girl. Nothing new. So still hurting, still going strong gluten free, but still sick, hair is back(thank G-d cause a wig was next), and just waiting again for results. Will keep you apprise. I can’t cook, I hate to cook but I think now I have to start doing it even if I burn it. Usually I buy everything that says gluten free frozen. Although I am finding a lot of allergy like symptoms after my favorites: peanut butter, chocolate, yogurt? humm! hope to hear from absolutely anyone to tell me I am not crazy.
    Thank you.

    Peter Osborne

    Welcome Tricia and Monique,

    Keep us updated on your progress.

    All the best,

    Dr. O


    Monique, you are not crazy.  Get educated and stay the course.  Learn how to cook, and take control of your health.


    Hi Tricia,

    I’m new here too but have just read your post. In the course of my own personal research I came across a Dr Terry Wahls who cured herself of multiple sclerosis completely through diet. She was initially in a tilt recline wheelchair and deteriorating until she researched herself, changed her diet and is now walking and riding a bike, all within 5 months!!! Miraculous!! She has written a book called Minding my mitochondria. I would recommend you get it or check out her website where you can find her specific diet. It includes having liver, bone broths, iodine via seaweed and 3 cups of green veg, 3 of sulphurous veg and 3 colourful veg/fruit a day. Have a read and see what you think. I’d love to hear how you get on!


    Smile All the best, Lou

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