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    Hi Everyone,

    Well, its probably slightly unusual that I’m not the sick one, my husband is, yet I’m the one actively trawling the internet for help! Thats probably because I’m a physiotherapist and I refuse to settle for what he’s been told by conventional doctors and although we have come a long way so far we are missing part of the puzzle and therefore would greatly value any advice.

    So, long story coming up, my apologies! My husband, Rich, developed ulcerative colitis 24 years ago after four years on an antibiotic called minocyn and accutain for acne when he was a teenager! As you’ve guessed it his gut flora must have been shot to pieces and he never had any probiotics to try and replace the friendly bacteria that were lost. So, after 24 years of colitis medication and latterly azathioprine (an immune suppressant for 10 years) his medication was switched to pentasa (an anti inflammatory) as he had been on the azathioprine for too long. Six months after coming off the azathioprine he developed inflammatory arthiritis, namely sero negative spondyloarthropathy!!!! Initially, he had severe flare ups from his peripheral joints when he was completely unable to move them due to searing pain, mainly it affects his shoulders, knees and occasionally hips but now its different. He was told by his rheumatologist that no one gets better, everyone gets worse and that he may end up in a wheelchair by the time he’s 60!! We refuse to believe that this is inevitable and that nothing can be done! And so our journey began.

    Through extensive research we made the link between food and his symptoms, initially he also had extreme fatigue, rhinitis and urinary frequency. We determined from elimination that he was sensitive to gluten, dairy and nightshade and so removed them immediately from his/our diet (must admit I still eat tomatoes!!). We have also incorporated some aspects of the SCD diet as, of course, its highly relevant for his colitis (which by the way has been in remission for 12 years and has stayed so without any medication since last april on our new diet). We juice every morning for breakfast, have a salad with seeds or soup for lunch and then either chicken or fish with vegetables for tea. Snacks include dates or brazil nuts, berries with almonds for example. We have stopped starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoe/ parsnips and all other grains (rice,oats etc) We are eating so healthily yet still he suffers from constant bilateral shoulder pain and some thoracic spine pain. His rhinitis, fatigue, urinary frequency and severe flare ups have all gone including long term bilateral achilles tendonitis and his rheumatologist says his spinal markers for his arthritis have improved. She has now agreed to test him for nutritional deficiences and I have ordered an online food intolerance test to see if we’re missing anything else. The only other recent change was to the supplements he takes. After accessing your website Dr Osbourne I found the list of possible sources of gluten that we were maybe not aware of…..thank you!!! I found that 5 of his 7 supplements possibly had gluten in them. We stopped all these 10 days ago and, as yet, there is no change to his pain. We have made our own sauerkraut to replace the probiotics, digestive enzymes and vitamin c that he can now no longer take and have increased his omega 3 intake from flax seeds and more oily fish.


    So here we are, we have come so far but have so far yet to go. We wonder how long it will take for further improvement to occur as he’s getting so frustrated with the daily pain. Lets just say toiletry habits are not quite back to normal yet, and sorry to go down this road but stools still float (I believe suggesting malabsorption) and I think until his gut has healed he wont clear the shoulder pain. I have read that L glutamine and n-acetyl glucosamine can help the gut heal but we daren’t add any supplements back in again. So, thats our story. I so wish we were in america where we could come and see a doctor who knows what we’re dealing with. We have tried here, our local doctor says that there are a lot of QUACK diets out there and none of them work, so you can see the help we’re getting!

    Any advice would be very much appreciated, we look forward to hearing from anyone. Many thanks and all the best to everyone on the forum!!

    Peter Osborne

    Welcome Lou,

    Without testing and personal follow up, my advice is limited, but I would start with some basic essentials:

    Three essentials to follow with U.C.

    1. No sugar

    2. No dairy

    3. No grain

    Supplements recommended. 

    1. Ultra Biotic Defense (you can call my office for this 281-240-2229)

    2. Max Digest

    3. Ultra Nutrients

    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile



    Get him Well. Thanks for much for being his helper.



    Hi Dr Osbourne,

    Many thanks for taking the time to reply! Its very much appreciated! I will call your office to sort out some supplements plus to find out if you know any doctors in the UK who we could see.

    Keep up the hard work!


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