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    Hi there everybody!

    So wonderful to “meet” other “Gluten-Free-ers!”

    I have enjoyed listening to Dr. Osborne on so many webinars and have now come to his website and am joining the forum.

    My story with Gluten Free started in 2007 when I had a guest come to my house. we lived in Queens, NY at the time. She was a sweet college girl, and I remember her explaining to me why she brought her own food and how she feels when she eats gluten. I had never heard of gluten before or of celiac. But her symptoms sounded a lot like mine. So after her visit, I decided I’d try her approach too–throw out the breads and traditional pastas. Well hurray I felt better…for a few months. But after 5 months, i felt just as ick. I later discovered my main issue is SIBO–small bowel intestinal bacterial overgrowth. and that demands a whole new approach, but I am still gluten free.

    in recent months, my son has been presenting with fevers every 3-4 weeks. We don’t know why yet but we are investigating the reasons. but I have decided to put him on a gluten free diet as well. Has anyone tried the Kid Vitamins from Dr. Osborne? ANyone have an opinion on the kid vitamins?

    i’m glad Dr. Osborne and others are equipping us with knowledge as well as resources. When we know better, we can do better.

    Best to all of you,
    Christa Oliver

    Peter Osborne

    Welcome Christa!

    My name is Cristina. I am Dr. Osborne’s Nutritionist. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. The Ultra Kids Gluten Free is an excellent multivitamin for kids. I have tried them and they have nice flavor.

    Please continue to utilize all of Dr. Osborne’s resources online and let us know if you have any questions.



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