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    What a great web site.  I have celiac and have been gluten free for years but never have felt great again.  I right now am fighting severe adrenal fatigue.  Making slow progress but now wondering if I need to get rid of corn and rice.  What a challenge this can be.  Anyone else been through this adrenal problem and if so what helped you?   Hey Doc, any advise would be appreciated.   have a great weekend everyone.Smile


    Hi Brenda,

    Welcome to the site. I am a relative newbie to the gluten free world as I was just diagnosed in July. I have been off all grains since then and am trying to rebuild my body through supplements and diet.  Being a patient of Dr. Osborne I hope I can speak for him and say a resounding yes to going off corn and rice, along with all the other grains! He has a list posted here on the site that gives you a list of everything to avoid. He also has a great list for all the hidden corn based ingredients that is very extensive. It is very helpful. I have been taking it with me to the store lately when looking for make up, creams, lotions, shampoo etc. You wouldn't believe all the hidden ingredients in all that stuff!!!! This jouney has been a real eye opener to me!

    He also has some great “tutorial” videos on the site that also helped me a lot!

    I have recently started Potent C Guard by Perque for my adrenals/thyroid function. Might want to check with your Dr. to see if that might be something to consider. I'll let you know how it works!Smile

    God bless,



    Debbie, Nice to meet you.  I was able to watch some of the videos yesterday.  I will look into the vitamin C too.   I have had to educate myself on adrenals, my doctor was very honest and told me she didn't know much about it and had a name to see someone else.  I have researched this so much on my own, took some tests I was able to order myself.  I did talk to an alternative doctor about adrenal from the last town I lived in.  He was very helpful.  My current doctor is concentrating on learning about gluten and celiac so that is really cool.  I sent her an email about this web site.  She is very busy but she will likely look here eventually. 

    I did find 2 of my meds have corn in them.  oh brother, now I have to find out if there is a pharmacy who will make a special compound for me and deal with the insurance companies.  grrrrrrr  I am going to go grain free after Thanksgiving.  good  bye my beloved rice and corn.  I am so hoping this restores my health.  If it doesn't I don't know what will.    I guess I didn't think about looking into corn and rice in my gluten free shampoos etc.   I am reading a Paleo diet book which sound very much the same .  Let's keep in touch and see how we progress.  🙂Laugh

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