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    Hello! A friend sent me the link to Dr. Osborn's seminar video on gluten sensitivity. Wow. I have always felt better if I didn't eat wheat products. My symptoms were not extreme except when I ate couscous which would double me in pain within 30 minutes. But now I am re-evaluting my health (which I always thought was pretty good:) Unexplained bloating after some meals, insomnia and some lethergy which is being treated with antidepressants, muscle soreness and joint soreness which seems to migrate around my body, looking older suddenly (I'm 58 and don't think I should be so vain!) back pain and creeping weight gain inspite attempts to eat better and exercise more, sudden cholesterol rise after menopause.


    You have taught me that if I don't take this seriously NOW I can be looking at continued degeneration, tissue damage and disease as I advance into my senior years. After only 2 weeks of being grain free I am loosing weight and am free of all bloating. My husband remarked that my skin looks so much younger.  By the way, he is a bread addict and is also now grain free and loosing weight (amazing for him!)


    I believe my mother probably was gluten intolerant. My daughter (27 years) had IB as a child, rashes, an allergy to grass (!!) asthma and weight gain. When I shared this info with her she admitted that she feels addicted to carbs and will experience difficutly breathing when she has a pasta or heavy carb meal. I think the family history is painting a picture. 

    Thank you for all your work. I found the videos on excercise very helpful. If I were closer I'd join your group! I am early into this but am very thankful that this information has come to us at this point in our lives. Thanks too to all the posters – everything is so helpful.  God bless!



    Peter Osborne

    Welcome Laurel!  Thank you for sharing with us.  I hope that you continue to find the site resources helpful.

    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile

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