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Hey there. 

Up until recently I would have described myself as a fairly healthy eater but I had no idea

of the damage I was causing myself.  My friend’s daughter had been diagnosed with

gluten intolerance by Dr. Osborne and for months my friend told me that I needed to

see him, too.  Who knew she was intuitive?  I went off the “traditional” grains about 2

months ago, learning from Dr. Osborne’s tutorial that if I were gluten intolerant, all of

the grains needed to go, also but I didn’t want to fully commit until I got my diagnosis.


I met Dr. Osborne, got my positive diagnosis for gluten intolerance and realized that if

good health was my goal, I needed to commit all the way to his counsel.  The rice was

probably the hardest thing to let go of but it makes me sick, so where’s the real

dilemna?  I’ve been dairy-free for about 8 years, so I’m in the habit of reading labels, so

that helps.  And giving up soy, per Dr. Osborne, has been a huge help.

  It did not “do my body good”. 


Although I am a neophyte to gluten free living, I can report that the running to the

bathroom problem is gone, praise God.  The stomach pain, for the most part, is gone

and I am still learning what foods that may look great on paper, do not agree with me.

I am anxious to see what eating right will do for the joint pain that I had begun to

believe was inevitable.

I have so much to be thankful for and I intend to take advantage of this new

opportunity for better health.







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August 2013, 7

I just realized that when I posted this, which is where we “introduce” ourselves, I omitted my name.  Can I blame that on gluten?  LOL!  Anyhow, my name is Marcia and it's good to meet you.

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August 2013, 7

Hi Marcia – I'm from Harlingen! I just joined and wanted to say Hi to Houston!

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