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    Great book: Glutenology. I just joined a week ago and already have the recipe book. It's full of simple easy to prepare meals, drinks and ideas. Thanks! I have been diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis and of course my Kaiser doctors say the 'experts' have no idea what causes the disease. After nearly dying in the hospital after a 10-day stay and the needless removal of my gall bladder I feel I have to fight this disease on my own terms. I do believe that we are what we eat and prior to getting sick, I hadn't eaten well for decades. I'm feeling much better eating healthy, organic foods and trying to stay on a paleo diet which fits in perfectly with a gluten free diet. I agree that you can't bother with all the 'gluten free' junk food offered in grocery stores. It's best to stay completely away from anything with a 'label'. Unfortunately some of the recipes in the book contain nightshades like tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplants. All things that make my arthritus (new since my diagnosis) flare up and cause me pain. But many are perfect and for the most part, Glutenology is RIGHT ON! Again, thanks!

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