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    Debbie R

    I recently discovered this sight thru facebook trying to learn more about going gluten free.  I had a food intolerence test done thru life extension after reading about food senitivities in Suzanne Somers books.  It came back that I was intolerent of gluten, gliadin, barley, malt, rye, wheat, red grapes, bananas, swiss cheese, mozzarella cheese, lctalbumin, goat's milk, cow's milk, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, casein, american cheese, egg whites, egg yolks, black olives, green beans, kidney beans, squash mix and garlic.  Last year I tried going tradional gluten free  before I had this test done and never felt any different, I know after listening to all of the information on this website I need to  take all grains out of my diet and all of these foods that I tested intolerent to, but it's so hard to find anything  to eat that I like.  I live with 3 people that dont really understand, it is so hard when bad food is around all the time.  I'm 44, I have alot of hormone imbalance and hypothyroid, I've recently started having alot of low back pain which the chiropractor isn't able to help like in the past, I think it must be inflamation from the food.  I have chronic fatigue  I need to lose 20 pounds,and I had a benign brain tumor removed 3 years ago. My eyes are red all the time and they dont look very healthy and sometimes they burn after I eat, I'm trying to really pay attention to that and notice what  I ate that my body didn't like.  I want to be healthy and enjoy life, for the last 7 years instead of enjoying anything  I feel like crap all of the time.  With all that has happened to me I dont know why I cant be more strong about not eating this food I know is bad for me.  I hope having this forum to talk to others will help me. Smile 

    Peter Osborne

    Welcome Debbie!

    Hang in there.  You are definitely in the right place.  Check out the gluten free food substitution video under the Glutenology tab.  It may help you with food ideas.

    Keep us posted on your progress!

    All the best,

    Dr. OLaugh



    A year ago, I was where you are now.  Today, I'm much better, but the road was not easy.  Like you, I had to get the bad food out of the kitchen in order to avoid it.  Since I am the one who does the shopping and the cooking, I just started buying and fixing only the food I could eat.  I tried to forestall the groans, however, by fixing substitutes for the bad food–I made crackers and cookies and bread, cooked eggs for breakfast, and made my own pizza.  I spent a lot of time online researching recipes and in the kitchen baking and cooking!  My husband is now onboard with the diet 100% as he started to feel better also.  My son is still a junk food junkie.  He is 17 with his own car and his own money, and if he wants junk food he has to buy it himself.  He's not, however, allowed to bring it into the kitchen.  He must keep it in his car or his room. 

    I hope you can take control of your kitchen also.  Your family members may eventually find that going along with the program is worth having you healthy and happy again!  Good luck!



    welcome Debbie,  I totally understand where you are.  Hang in there and stick to the plan, you should see improvement.  I have been traditional gluten free for years, it only stopped the puking and back door trots.  But I haven't well healthy for a very long time.  I am hoping the grain free is an answer for me.  I also suffer CFS.  It can get pretty hard I know.  I will be interested to see your progress.  Laugh

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