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    Hi Everyone


    I am Margie and have had depression and thyroid problems and generally feeling yck ! I ma here as my daughter  who is an adult but lives with us due to being ill for years was told to go gluten free years ago, which she did. Now a new American therapist has realised she still has gluten effecting her so we are trying to see how. We now realise with my health problems and my husband with Ulcerative colitis there is most likely a genetic problem.l

    Hubby and I have illness but we do not notice any sever probs like our daughter. She is bad.. she eats once a day, then gets runny nose, drop in body temp , sits at an open fire with 10 layers of clothes in a central heated hose, with a hot water bottle , a dog and 3 blankets and shivers till she passes out. Then in her sleep or drunk /high state she gets up goes eats foods she hates, builds assault courses, empties cupboards or drawers, microwaved a teddy, tried to cook a library book, has argument with us tells us to F** off and then goes back to sleep. When we wake her it takes about 45 minutes to actually get her awake and she will have nightmares. When she gets up she is hung over and tells not to shout or keep lights down. After about hour and a half once she has been exercising she starts to feel a little better. She has no idea what she has done the night before and would never swear at us knowingly she is a  excellent daughter ..if she does not eat this does not happen. If she inhales floor she will go hyper and then drop things eventually pass out. We do not use strong bleaches /chemicals as she will just drain and sleep. She has a very limited food intake 3 foods have knowingly eats and then 2 she gets but she does that when she is high/drunk.

    We know she has 2 parasites and a bad bacteria , these have just been confirmed but as a child she reacted to baby milk formula and complained alot of stomach problems. AT 18 she became very ill and was exhausted, given the MMR and within 3 weeks was being washed , fed and dressed by me for 1 1/2 years  after 2 1/2 years she could read and write again ,  she get a little better but not normal  started to training yoga and pilates got stressed weight dropped given menegatis C vaccine and 4 weeks later they tried to admit her to a pchy ward with anorexia and bulimia. We fought to keep her out she tried to tell the doctors food was making her sick that it just sat in her tummy and the bread, potatoes made her feel choked. They laughed and  mocked her, her weight was dangerously low but they claimed eating disorders . As she said her self she is not stupid if she had an eating disorder she would tell and got help but she knew something was wrong . She turned her back on the medical world and  was saved by amazing energy healers in South of Ireland they got her energy body up and , out of negative mind states. So she has adrenal stage 3 exhaustion, thyroid is being attacked by immune system, infertile , low oestrogen and progesterone never reaches minimal levels. Parasites bad bacteria,leaky gut, food chemical sensitivity heavy metals, low iron, drug  resistant gene, low good gut bacteria. high histamine, low magnesium and calcium,.low WBC and low NEUT. Stomach is always bloated and will swell up and down.She cannot work or go out .

    SO we have all been told to get completely gluten free even the dogs so there is not gluten any where so thats why I am here to learn where it is hiding and to get truly gluten free.


    I am sorry you all have suffered like this. However, I am excited to see how your daughter will progress.

    I am about 6 months grain free. I have my ups and downs, but generally my foggy fatigue is gone. I am getting better.

    I expect your daughter will get better too. I thank you for your care for her. There are many things to help.

    I do the following:
    Avoid or rotate intolerances
    Take supplements
    Be active and do excercise.
    Organic garden
    Mold-Free home
    Sunshine (but in MN winter that isn’t always so much)
    No major sweets
    Cook from scratch

    I had 30 years of bloating and symptoms in order to incorporate so many of these things into my lifestyle. I just present them as ideas to try as you go.


    Peter Osborne

    Welcome to the group Margie!

    Thanks for sharing your story.  We wish you well on your path to healing.

    All the best,

    Dr. O


    I hear your frustration! It seems overwhelming, but you will all get better if you are able to follow a gluten free lifestyle along with finding out all of your sensitivities/allergies. You will be surprised to find out where all these items are (especially where they are hidden). I always said that I was born in the wrong era, if you know what I mean. I feel I need to eat off my land. That way I know where the items/food come from and what is in it. The more basic and natural the ingredients are the better off, I believe, everyone would be. You will always haave to watch for cross-contamination, everywhere, but it can be done.

    Just remember, don’t give up even if you have a setback (which will happen from time to time). Just brush yourself off, take a deep breath and try again. It will be hard, from time to time, but your not alone in this journey!

    Wishing you all well in your journey to health! Keep us posted! We are here with any advice we maybe able to give.



    Thank you all for the encouragement. We have had a rough few days as my daughter used gluten feree flour to bake a cake for hubby, well she got high then the usual took me 3 hours to get her to wake up and she felt awful. Then she had a new supplemet silica from a good company and I contacted then and they were very helpful but had no idea as to why she would have reacted to it.   but on ward and up wards.

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