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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Amy, and I decided to officially go GF in March of this year after living with undiagnosed stomach aches, headaches, joint, weight & health problems since my early teen years. Nothing too extreme but enough to frustrate me and cause problems in my life. I'm 25yrs old and have not been officially tested yet. I'm wondering if I'm possibly a candidate for Celiacs, but from what a hear, it's a rare disease, even though it sounds like so many people have it! Anyways, when I made the GF transition this year, I started feeling immensely better. I tried re-introducing it into my diet and got extremely sick. I've been GF ever since then. However, as of late, I've been getting sick again…and I think I must either be ingesting it through cross-contamination or by not being careful enough.

    After doing some further research on this website, I've realized I haven't gone truly GF. I still eat corn, rice, etc….and I still eat a lot of things that I think “may” be okay. My body is still rejecting something, and as of late I've had intense internal pain because of this.

    I look forward to yet another lifestyle change of even healthier eating, and a new journey of healing and healthier living ahead.

    Glad to see I'm not alone! 🙂

    Peter Osborne

    Welcome Amy!

    Thanks for sharing your story with us and keep us updated on your progress going TRUE gluten free.  

    All the best,

    Dr. O

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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