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    Dr. Osborne, you are brilliant!  Your tremendous understanding of health and nutrition and your desire to help others is so admirable.  I think that all the people who have searched far and wide for their health issues and have come to your site are very lucky. I also think that we have a like minded community who are not willing to settle by masking symptoms and not getting to the root cause. I am sure that all of us here have extremely busy lives and having to spend so much time researching and dealing with health issues can take up a huge part of our days. 

    I have Hashimoto's, low thyroid function, anemia, hypoglycemia, difficult digestion, bad eczema on scalp/neck. So far I have given up the major gluten foods but not all grains. I have noticed that the regular bouts of bloating rarely happens, but being part Japanese, not being able to eat rice occasionally is actually stressful.  Do I really have to cut it out or do you think that I can have it once I have healed my intestinal lining.

    Also, how strict do I have to be with my bamboo cutting boards and chopsticks, sponges and iron skillets, which may or may not harbor gluten from cross contamination (others in my family still consume gluten). My dishwasher is not working right now, would pouring boiling water help to eliminate any gluten or am I just being wishful?

    Last question. I thought I was signed up as a member, but was not able to access the member only sites. May I get an update?

    Thank you so much for all the info.






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