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    What did we do before the internet!  I am so happy to have found this site!  About 5 years ago I was diagnosed as hypothyroid, with all the regular low thyroid symptoms..fatigue, brain fog, slow metabolism,  hair loss, skin problems, anxiety, chronic constipation, blah blah blah. The fact is that I had had symptoms most of my life, my TSH level just decided to finally support how I felt. I use desiccated thyroid, without much success. to treat this.  My gut instinct (ha ha) told me that my thyroid problem was NOT the primary cause of the multitude of ailments I had felt for soooo long. In the course of my thyroid research, I found out that there was a strong link between celiac disease and thyroid disease.  I asked my doctor about this and she said I didn't look celiac ( I was fat!) and did not have celiac symptoms…i'm not sure what that meant.  I went to an alternative medicine doctor and had an ELIZA test.  The result was quite shocking to me as I had not only gluten test positive, but many other foods as well.  My regular doc dismissed this as quackery and would still not test for any type of gluten sensitivity. From what I understand now, my thyroid disease is a manifestation of my gluten sensitivity.  

    I occasionally go conventional gluten free and initially feel improvement, but eventually i plateau and still don't feel well so I stop. So here I am.  I will try going True Gluten Free!  Wish me luck!  

    Thanks for taking the time to read my long entry here!  I am looking forward to meeting al of you and learning!Laugh

    Peter Osborne

    Welcome Judy! 

    Thanks for joining us and sharing your story.  The post below may be helpful for you.



    Have a great day!

    Dr. O

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