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    I just found this site and look forward to sharing ideas and recipes with those who have had more experience.

    Here is a little about me:

    My stomach has always been very touchy, and I have a stomach ulcer that is back for the fourth time.  Tests show no h. pylori infection.  I had surgery in 2006 and  caught the very resistant staph infection that is in hositals now. After taking many strong antibiotics, I had a c. dificile infection, and after that my stomach has never been the same. I found an internist who listened when I said I would have no more surgeries or antibiotics. I eat yogurt every day and also a low temp processed whey protein powder. My internist suggested stopping gluten,and I was certain it would not help, but after 24 hours, my intestinal cramping slowed.  It stopped 48 hours later. Just my luck, I loved to bake my own bread and muffins! 


    I now enjoy gf pizza with the Red Mill pizza mix, and eat cornbread, but none of the gf products I have tried are very palatable.  I gave up trying to bake really good bread, and now make things like pumpkin or banana quickbread. I love to cook and am interested in others’ findings and substitutions.


    Peter Osborne


    Welcome to the GFS Forum!  Thanks for sharing your story.  Looking forward to future posts and communications.




    Are you still having stomach problems?  If you watch all of the videos on this website you will get tons of info.  Dr. Osborne believes traditional GF is not enough and all grains should be cut out, including rice and corn.  If you are still having trouble, you may want to research this.  There are a lot of recipes online, if you look in the receipe section on this website you will see there are links to websites and also recipes posted.  Good luck, we are all stumbling through this together.



    Before I found this website I was using corn and rice and eating the correct way on a Gluten Free diet, so I thought.  Surprised When I first started the GF diet I lost about 15 lbs or so and stopped.  Cry  I thought to myself is this it!?! Confused  When I found this site I found hope again Smile that this could be what was holding me back from losing anymore weight.

    I am  happy to report since finding this site I have lost 6 more pounds as of today.  I am looking forward to Dr. O's book coming out. Smile 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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