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    I am so very happy to have found your website! Of all of the gluten free websites I have looked at yours is the most comprehensive. It explains my condition so very well with diagrams and video tutorials. And it has this wonderful forum where I can find the supportive group of friends I so need.

    In August 2011, I discovered that I am gluten intolerant. In the months preceeding this I was truly losing it. My health deteriorated rapidly. My parasympathetic nervous system—vagus nerve shut down three times. I am thankful that I have a good chiropractor that recognized this and opened my system back up. I was having brain fog and losing short term memory. Wow, I can really relate to the ADD kids I have taught in the past. They all need to be on a gluten free diet. I was not dreaming. I could not fall asleep; it seems I was hyperstimulated at night but dog-tired. Fatigue was the norm. My hormones—adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary/hypothalamus—were going whacko. I truly felt like I would not survive.

    Since going gluten free my brain fog disappeared rather rapidly. I have had blood work done and discovered that I have multiple food allergies and an autoimmune response due to a leaky gut. I also had a EPFX scan done at the local health food store. It confirmed much of the blood work, which to me verified its accuracy and amazed me. I have many vitamin and mineral deficiencies and I have been taking vitamin supplements for years; this surprised me. I hate to have seen where I would be without those supplements.

    I have yet to find a good doctor to oversee my total health on this issue, one that knows about the disorder and can coach and support me like this website does. I hope there is a gastroenterologist at UAB Medical Centerthat can help with this condition.


    Lori Quandtfarmwife67

    So glad you are on the road to recovery! In your search for a Doctor I would recommend searching online for a functional medicine doctor. That is what my doctor's title is and I am very pleased with him. I live in Michigan so that won't help you though. Good luck on your search!


    Peter OsbornePeter Osborne

    Welcome Rose!

    Thanks for sharing your story with us.  Just to let you know, I am working on a training program for doctors.  I will be posting their names and locations soon Smile!


    All the best,

    Dr. O

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