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    Hello Everyone, McDream here!! 

      I want to introduce myself, and I hope to learn a lot from everyone's experiences. As of now, I have not been medically diagnosed yet. I have been going to the military doctors for YEARS now, complaining how badly I hurt and how horrible I felt, each year it seemed to get worse rather than better. The doctors have done every test they could think of, Xrays, MRI's, I don't even know what all blood tests have been done, yet, gluten sensitivity nor Celiac Disease was never a suggestion.

    My stomach was so distended, I looked like I was 10 months pregnant. I kept telling the doctors that I felt like I was almost blowing up from the inside out. The extreme symptoms and testing have lasted over six years now. I had gotten to a point I didn't know how I was going to hold a job, I would be sitting at my desk, and feel an overwhelming urge to just drift off to sleep. I was not sleeping but maybe three to four hours a night, and that was fitful sleep. I coughed and gagged from an overwhelming amount of mucus, from the momont I lay down. The military doctors gave me a sleep apnea machine, which did not help me to sleep any better. 

    Thinking back to my childhood, I remember having constant ear infections and sinus infections, asthma, ADHD and excrutiating leg cramps which were termed as 'growing pains.' Knowing now, what I have learned from Doctor O's site, I must have had the sensitiivity from a very young age. Wow, what would life had been like if it had been caught in my early childhood. 

     I was skinny and tiny as a child, and as an adult I had all of a sudden gained lots of weight. Feeling so uncomfortable with the excess weight, I had lost over 100 lbs on my own, changing my diet, yet, not exercising due to many surgeries on my leg. My health kept getting worse rather than better. My heart rate fluctuated from 30 to 90, and I couldn't walk far at all without gasping for air. My joints ached so much I had a hard time walking across the room or to my car, and it was hard to even stand to do dishes anymore. 

      No matter what I tried, I hurt, ached, coudn't think, couldn't remember much of anything, and saw no hope for an answer. Until I found Dr. O's site. 

    I was in a car accident, and the chiropractor I went to, suggested I cut out gluten and corn. I changed military doctors about the same time. The new doctor suggested the same thing, I cut out gluten and corn. I tried, with not much change in my health or pain. I started doing research and came across Doctor O's site. What I saw in the first video made SO much sense about gluten and grains. I tried the new diet concept for a few days, and noticed my knees didn't ache as much. After a week, I noticed a few other little perks, like my thinking was a tad bit clearer, and my arm didn't ache when I typed. That next weekend, I drank a gluten free protein shake. I was sick, in pain, and in bed for over a week. The protein shake had rice protein in it. I realized then, that just that small amount of grain had affected me so much, that I knew I did not want to put another thing in my mouth that had a hint of grain in it. 

      Today I was able to actually get out of bed, do a few dishes and cook a meal, before I had to lay down again from exhaustion. This is the first time in awhile I have been able to do any house work with such little pain!!

      I am hoping soon I will be in so much less pain, and able to think much more clearly, that I am able to find a wonderful job again, and be a functionable member in society once again!! 

      I have SO much to learn and I am very grateful for Dr. O's research and studies, his sharing his information and eagerness to help others heal. I am a 'wet behind the ear newbie' at this, and I look forward with intense eagerness to learn ALL I can to help my body heal and to help others that have no idea about their condition and how they can be tremendously helped also. 

    Thank you, with love and blessings,


    McDream Smile


    Welcome to the group! keep watching all of the videos and read everyone's posts, I think it is a great way to learn.  Also, don't forget to look at the recipe section there are so many good ideas there. Dr. O also has a book with recipes and there are many others online with books with grain free recipes., are two good ones that come to mind right away, they both have good cookbooks too. If you are on facebook “grainfreemom” is a good one too, she has a website too, but don't know the name of it right now.

    So glad you are already beginning to feel better. Take one step at a time, sounds like you have a good dr. I would ask about probiotics and ask to be tested for leaky gut syndrome.  There is probably a bunch more things you could be tested for too, like maybe candida. Best wishes and if you have questions this is the place to ask if we don't know Dr O is full of GREAT information and he is good about reading these posts and replying. I also am so glad to have found his site!


    Jackie Scarbrough

    First of all welcome to you McDream!  Something in particular you said has crossed my mind more than once:  “Wow, what would life had been like if it had been caught in my early childhood.”  Not to get too much into the emotional/psychological side of all this, but I think it bears mentioning.  I read this somewhere and have come to realize that in order to move forward we have to be especially careful not to dwell in the past.  I doesn't sound like you are, from what you're saying you sound very optimistic and grateful to be where you are now.  For me, I've found these are dangerous thoughts that tend to linger around once they've crept in, it happens occassionally.  I become full of contempt, bitter and angry, which definately does not help the current situation.  It sounds like you are definately on the right track now as I hope we all are.  It certainly can be a long haul, for many of us years into the healing process but like you said, so glad that we all found Dr. O! 

    Peter Osborne

    Welcome McDream!

    Glad you found us.  Keep me updated on your progress.

    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile


    Welcome McDream!  I have to agree with Jackie, my wife and I are 65y.o. and just discovered our CD/GS answer in Oct.2011 and that's been a long lifetime of suffering with no diagnostic help from our medical providers. Don't dwell on what could/should have been but look forward.  We both knew something like this was wrong with me but never was led in the right direction. After both going on the GF diet for me we discovered that she has the CD/GS problem too but it shows somewhat different symptoms than mine.  I do know that you can't cheat and fool your body,  the longer you stay totally away from the gluten from wheat/rye and barley the more your system will be more sensitive and react bad to any “hidden” or accidental glutening.  Then you will also find that the supposedly safe grains, etc. (according to many other websites and groups),  will also make you sick and messed up too.  Many of the “gluten/gliaden only” folks will explain this as cross-contamination and ignore/dismiss all the newer research and clinical findings that show there are many other grain proteins and enzymes at work in this disease/health issue.  Your research with Dr. O and other sites will inform you that “gluten free” processed foods are NOT gluten-free either and the Gov't allows them to advertise legally with up to 20 ppm of gluten in their product. I feel sure that most of our bodies “sense” and react to much less that and some folks are super-sensitive and even 3 ppm will make them ill.  Even with trying to be careful and eliminating as much offending food as possible there will be surprises and a learning process but your health will improve all along the way and many things will resolve.  With time there will even be small things that you were living with that stop being a nuisance.    Think about some “safe” supplements that Dr. O can help you with to more quickly restore the probiotics and possible vitamin deficiencies and then work hard to stay away from the gluten/grains/soy that are poison for folks like us who want to be well and feeling good.  Up until Oct. when we made this discovery my left knee hurt so bad I couldn't do much exercising and thought I would be getting knee replacement when the pain became too much.  Now I have NO pain anywhere and walk a few miles each day and up to an hour on my Gazelle exerciser machine. Just keep working on it,  the gluten and grain products are addicting and take a bit of will-power to overcome!   

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