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    i found this website the night i lost my third pregnancy. i searched the connection between celiac and miscarriages because i was suspecting that i might be celiac. i am still waiting for the genetic test result. but since july i have been truly gluten free. thanks to Dr Osborn’s free videos on You tube. My husband also became gluten free and he lost weight his blood pressure became normal (had high blood pressure ). for me i had a lot of intestinal issues like bloating, vomiting, and gas and irregular on and off constipation and diarrhea.  since the last three months most of my symptoms vanished I DIDNT EVEN HAVE PMS THIS MONTH!!!. every time i think about the amount of doctors i visited in three countries (bulgaria, turkey and America) i feel furious because they treated me as if  i am crazy, one of them even said that i pretend my stomach hurts to have my family’s attention and suggested i see a proper doctor.After all these doctors even my own family didnt believe the pains i go through and just watched me losing weight and calling me im like a model. some even said how lucky i am that i can eat anything i want and still not gain any.(WHAT AN IRONY) as i said after i lost my third pregnancy things got serious and now i want real answers.I AM SOOO HAPPY TO BE HERE AMONG YOU GUYS AND I THANK YOU, DR OSBORNE WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR US. AFTER 15 YEARS OF PAIN I HAD TRUE 3 PAIN FREE MONTHS. 

    PS – Dear Dr osborne i live in NY i would like to be ur patient is it possible please let me now what SHOULD I DO. I did the genetic test results and waiting the results.  

    Peter Osborne

    First off,

    Welcome to the group!  Thank you for sharing your story with us, you just made my day!  I too get angry and frustrated with doctors ignoring nutrition at the cost of their patients’ health.


    If you want to become a patient at my office, call 281-240-2229 and set up an appointment with Debra Smile


    All the best,

    Dr. O

    Anthony Rao

    I’m so sorry you were treated so badly while being shoved through the “health care pipeline”. But as long as you came out the other end and found this forum, Dr Osborne, and a new way of eating, you can start to get better.


    thanks Anthony. it is hard to describe the feelings of anger in a positive way. even my husband who always thought restricted diets are stupid, became the biggest advocate of gluten free diet. now i teach my mother who is in love with bread who puts in soups flour to thicken and then eats it with a half loaf bread. i love her too much to ignore her diet and thats why sometimes it is necessary to give tough love to family and make them realize the wrongs. since the change in my diet my mom also took the gluten out of her central attention. she;s started saying that she ate only one slice of bread a day, or she ate her protein today and that she feels great and more first she was the one of those stubbern, hard headed people who refuse to learn. But with enough knowledge and iron patience we can teach our family and friends. i also want to add that SAD diet is more restricted than the GF diet. since on GF i eat things that never ate in my life before and they taste divine to me. i have more options than pasta, sandwich and pizza :) i even learn my ancestars cookings and the recipes make me and my husband melt in delight soo those who think this is not a good diet i suggest they search their own ancesters diet when grain was sth in scarce. :) life is good

    Stephanie Sherie

    Thanks for posting and sharing your story. I am so happy you find the real reason and you did not give up!!! Keep trusting your instincts.

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