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    Brian Hamill

    Hello all-

    It seems that gluten can effect the brain in many ways, and one might manifest as sleep apnea. I find I am able to leave my CPAP machine off since laying off gluten. Please let me know if you also have sleep apnea and Celiac.




    Peter Osborne

    Hi Brian,

    I commonly see this in my practice.  Patients go gluten free and sleep apnea resolves.  Smile

    Patricia L

    OH, if this works for me, it will be the biggest blessing EVER!! I don't like sleeping with a CPAP but my snoring is SO BAD my husband and I have to sleep separately if I don't use it. The CPAP gives me a headache from the straps. I've been what I thought was GF until I watched the video. Now I've gone totally grain free and ordered Dr. Osborne's Matrix videos. Looking forward to good changes.



    Hi, Patricia, and welcome!  Going grain-free and dairy-free took care of my snoring which was driving my husband crazy.  I've also had no asthma symptoms and have been able to stop my steroid inhaler.  I hope it helps you in this area also!  Martha


    I was never Dx with sleep apnea but did snore. I have been gluten free since July 2010. Now that you mention it when I viited my daughter in Canada 3 mos. into my gluten free life she did mention that I no longer snored. I attributed it to the 25 or so lbs I had lost at that point (I've now lost more than 70!) but maybe it was the gluten free diet itself. Interesting!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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