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    The other day I felt dizzy in the kitchen. I checked my essential oil book for oils good for dizziness. There was one, but I didn’t have it. I found that peppermint was good for allergies so I diffused that. My dizziness went away and I felt much better.

    I have also tried diffusing ginger essential oil at night in an effort to help with gassiness. My abdomen has been shrinking, but I also just started the diet so I cannot tell if the ginger helps.

    Has anyone else tried essential oils as a way of coping with gluten problems?Confused


    I would still like to know if anyone has used essential oil to reduce symptoms of glutening.

    Rita Bray

    Before I understood how gluten was effecting mmy physical well-being, I used a lot of essential oils. I would have used most anything to feel better.

    But to relieve gluten symptoms you have to eliminate gluten. And then let your body heal from the damage that has been caused.

    Have you checked your food intolerances?



    I will do; I have no desire for gluten. The esential oils that I have used, I have found very effective. That is when they are used for the right thing.


    I bought some doTerra essential oils and tried giving my daughter digestzen. I gave it to her occasionally, because I was too scared to give her too much since at that point she was really swollen and had really low albumin. She’s currently on tpn and hope to restart the essential oils as well as juicing. What do you recommend? I have peppermint, ginger, lemon, and a few others.


    I usually just smell the oil. I have used eucalyptus and tea tree oil as drops on the fronts of shirts to prevent illnesses from going around my family of 7. I don’t know if that, homemade soap, or good food works. I do think essential oils show promise.

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