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    Dr. O,

    I just watched an amazing educational Natural Healing show on the benefits of Graviola (soursop) and was wondering if this fruit (supplement) would be beneficial for someone with Celiac's or Gluten Intolerance? Amazing what the government and medical community try to keep under wraps because they can't patent and make any money from it. I learned there actually are studies(18 of them) of this in the Us National Library of Medicine, but it is not listed under Graviola but it's Latin name “Annona Muricata” because it's much harder to find! Things like this just absolutely amaze me and keep me more determined as a citizen to voice my opinion on being able to choose supplements over traditional Western Medicine if and when I choose. I have written to John Cornyn, Kay Baily Hutchison, and our represntative Kevin Brady on this matter and hope others will do the same.YellThanks for letting me vent for a bit!

    Debbie Martin

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