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    I am very thankful for the Nutri-Spec supplements I have been on for 5 years. Sure it would have been better if I had learned I had gluten intolerant, but atleast I didn’t end up on prednisone or worse. My blood pressure had been up to 180/115. My pulse was undetectable at times. My respiration was quick and shallow. In other words I was in serious trouble. The supplements helped reduce my blood pressure, gave my pulse more strength, and most of the time I didn’t have extreme fatigue which I had suffered from for the majority of 30 years.

    The tests determined what nutrient levels I needed and gave me supplements to improve them. It was interesting that I took magnesium and potassiium which are two depleted by gluten intolerance. There may be others, but I have not researched all of them.

    Now, I have been grain free for two months. I feel so much better. (today that is) I am still having swings to good and bad and mysterious symptoms, but I am so glad that I feel strong. I can diet to improve my condition. Gone are the days when I thought that whole grain organic bread could save me.

    I have no desire to run a marathon, but I have children to raise, gardens to weed, and many other things to do. I like to do them when I don’t feel like I have 75 extra pounds on my back.

    I hope for all of you good results too,

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