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    I've had terrible GERD and an ulcer for the past year.  The “tough” guy I am, I never had it checked out.  A month ago I decided to go gluten free as an experiment (although I left 3 meals per week open to still eat what I want).  The acid reflux completely disappeared, and I dont have pain from the ulcer anymore; only mild discomfort would be the day after I have a “free” meal.  I guess from a self-diagnosis point of view, that pretty much proves a point.

    The problem is that I have felt very fatigued since I dropped grains from my diet.  Late afternoon it would kick in and I would struggle to stay awake until 9pm.  A all-day “brain fog” would be best to describe it.  A typical daily diet would be:


    Breakfast: 2 or 3 bananas, 200-300g piece of meat/fish/chicken

    Snack: one or 2 pieces of fruit

    Lunch: potato or 2, protein as above, veggies

    Snack:one or 2 pieces of fruit

    Dinner: potato or 2, protein as above, veggies


    I'm not a good cook and hate cooking, so my food prep is very boring.  Potatoes have been my staple starch and I've added some lentils to it.  Anything that I'm missing?


    I know fruit is healthy, but if I snack on just fruit I do not get any energy. Fruit is still sugar even though it is natural sugar. I need to have some protein and fat with all of my meals and snacks in order to feel energized. Potatoes also wipe me out, when I am having trouble sleeping I will actually eat a baked potato before going to bed and I sleep much better. This is just me and I don't know if it would work for you.  One easy way to get some protein and fat is try adding almond butter to your fruit. I love it on apples.

    Jackie Scarbrough

    I would agree that maybe you should experiment in cutting back on so much fruit and possibly even the potatoes.  Sounds like your fatigue may be tied to not enough fat or protein.  I used to think we “needed” some type of carb or starch but am realizing that we really do not.  A great book explaining this is “PRIMAL BODY PRIMAL MIND”.  I would suggest possibly adding some nuts to your diet in place of the at least some of the fruit….still easy, no fuss, just grab and munch.  Just a thought.


    i would suggest perhaps cutting out the potatoes, adding more salads and maybe adding some extra virgin olive oil and/or avocados to the salads.  Get a little extra fat in there.  Paleo diet books are an excellent source of information.

    Rita Bray

    If you are taking any medications or OTC meds, check the ingredients.  Many times there are glutens in the mix disguised with fancy names.




    You may want to explore the link between all the sugar and carbs you are eating (the fruit and potatoes)and fatigue.  Sugars, whether from fruit (fructose) or potatoes (carbs) make me sleepy.


    I was also having the fatigue and brain fog problem in addition to waking up early in a nervous state and unable to return to sleeping.  On another website with folks who are super-sensitive I found some with the same problem taking two supplements that I am now taking with a lot of success too.  These are both produced by “NOW” supplement company and one is “True Calm” and the other is the “Melatonin 5 mg”.   You can find both at the local health food store but much cheaper on Amazon.   Sure has helped me a lot and beats trying drugs/meds from the doctor!


    Be careful taking supplements, you must read all labels. Almost anything I have found, that isn't from Dr. O, has corn or rice flour in it.

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