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    Heidi Voller

    I love this site and it has been a huge help but I need help.

    I just got that Glutenology Cookbook and I was wondering if there is a supplement to it? Many of the recipes have ingredients that typically have gluten so I am confused and I am seeing some discrepancies from what you might have said in your videos. I see things like “container of whipped topping”, “Italian Dressing”, “Mayo”, taco seasoning mix, salsa, Worcestershire sauce. Many of these things can have gluten so am I suppose to find my own recipe to make a homemade version?


    Also-I thought I saw in one of your videos that your don't recommend arrowroot because it is a psuedoseed? Am I making that up?

    What about wild rice? I thought that was a no no too? The wild rice mushrooms looks great but can we have it?


    If there is no supplement already, it would be neat to make one because I feel like I have to do extra homework with these recipes and that is ok because I am used to doing recipe modification but I thought the purpose of this book was so we don't have to do that.


    The recipes look great and I am excited to try them. I am just checking.


    Rita Bray

    I ordered the cookbookright away since I needed as much help as possible to find recipes to replace what I was cooking so I could be true gluten free.  I was surprised to find so many recipes that did not seem to be in keeping with what I was reading on the website.  I asked Dr Osborne about this, and he says that these are reader recipes and may not be true Paleo.

    I put mine on a shelf.  I like the cover and I received a Gluten Free Warrior wristband. LOL




    I put mine on the shelve too and barely use it, there are several recipes that we still cook, but it was way too expenseive to buy just for  3-4 things.

    I have researched and purchesed 2 other books that are not only cheaper, but are true gluten free or paleo.

    one of them is Tender grass fed meat: Traditional Ways to Cook Healthy Meat by Stanly Fishman on Amazon for $15.45  This is a great book for all of us, pretty much all recipes are true gluten free, they may ask for pasture butter but you can use olive oil if you avoid dairy.


    The other one is The Primal Blueprint Cookbook: Primal, Low Carb, Paleo, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free and Gluten Free by Mark Sisson.  On Amazon for $18.64 This is my favorite, all recipes are fantastic and taste great. Some of them may ask for pasture butter or cream you don't have to use it.


    Both of these books use only Fresh ingredients, the only canned things you may need are organic coconut milk or organic tomate paste. This is money well spent.


    The other site i use is Elana's pantry, we bake bread and other stuff following her recipes, and it's free if you subscibe to her site you get emails every time she has something new. Her Paleo bread is the best gluten free bread I have had so far.


    Casey's kithen that shows up here on the forum is very good, the ones I have tried taste really good too. I wish there were all under the same place instead spread all over the forum



    I agree that a supplement to the cookbook would be useful–one that lists the brands of “packaged goods” that are safe or includes recipes for things you need to make yourself.  I have found many recipes in the cookbook that I like and make frequently, but I shy away from those that use the products you listed.  For the reasons you stated, I would not recommend the cookbook to someone just starting out on the diet.  “The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook” by Elana Amsterdam and “Grain-Free Gourmet” by Jodi Bager and Jenny Lass would be better as beginning books.

    I'll post the recipe I use for Worcestershire Sauce in the “recipes” section of this website.  I found it on 

    Wild rice is okay to use.  It is a grass, not a grain.  Any other form of rice, though, is taboo.  I've used packaged chicken broth for the wild rice recipe (Pacific Organic Free Range Chicken Broth), but it's a gamble as I haven't researched the source of the “organic chicken flavor” listed in the ingredients….  Probably better to make your own or use water.

    I don't recall a reference to arrowroot in the videos, but it's been awhile since I saw them, so I would be interested in the answer to that question also.

    Happy cooking!




    Jackie Scarbrough

    I just have to add, I definately agree with the praises for Elana's pantry and her bread being the best!  Another of my very favorite cookbook's is Spunky Coconut's Grain Free cookbook.  Her first cookbook was not totally grain free, but the second is mostly baked goods and is all grain free, dairy free, refined sugar free and several egg free.  She does use beans in some but not all of her recipes though.  This is a great book for those just learning. 

    Heidi Voller

    Thanks everyone for the great response. I just ordered The Primal Blue book cookbook and I will definately check out the websites. I am most interested in foods for meals and not so much baked stuff because I don't really need the sweets.  I do think that Spunky's Coconut's Grain Free cookbook looks good and I might have to pick that up. I love coconut.


    I also am really interested in soup/stews recipes as anything I can make in a big pot on Sunday and eat for lunch the next couple days would help out with the 140 hours a week that my husband and I work combined in a week.


    I am thinking a “new revised” version of that glutenology cookbook might be a good thing to do for 2012. Just a suggestion 🙂



    I posted one of my favorite stews–Rainbow Stew from “The Grain-Free Gourmet” in the recipe section since you are looking for stew recipes.  I also just bought “Paleo Comfort Foods – Homestyle Cooking for a Gluten-Free Kitchen” by Julie and Charles Mayfield.  The recipes look good.  I'll have to see if they taste good, too!



    I also make spaghetti sauce in big batches and use either mung bean noodles, black bean noodles or just plain old spaghetti squash. Warning thought the bean noodles shouldn't be used all of the time according to Dr. O.

    Kathryn Barry

    I agree,  I love Elana's site.  Another really good one is Michelle Veilleux's site”Gluten-Free Fix” .  She

    has a grain free pita bread on her site that is easy and good, and so handy for sandwiches or scrambled


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