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    We just cannot seem to avoid hidden gluten these days!  We just recently got severely ill from an organic, grass fed butter that is cultured—-with a prepared culture that has maltodextrin from wheat.  The butter company had no idea and said their butter was totally gluten free—but our bodies said not. Took it out we get better.  But now we seem to be having a problem with chicken.  We have been buying the 10lb frozen chicken tenderloins and breasts from Costco, which are Foster Farms brand.  Recently, the breasts have now been individually packaged inside the Costco package, and we just ate them for the first time the other night and all totally reacted!  Even though Costco says they are GF and so does Foster Farms.  We did not react when the breasts were not individually wrapped.


    We CANNOT eat the brand of fresh chicken sold in our local grocery store called GoldnPlump because they feed their chickens arsenic laced feed and I think a wheat based feed too.  We all got really sick from that.


    What is going on????  For about 4 weeks now we have been constantly micro-glutenized by 'GF' foods!  Are we becoming intolerant to all foods?  Is it even possible anymore to buy fresh or frozen animal or meat products that don't have gluten hidden somewhere?  Can packaging on foods contain gluten?


    Is there guaranteed 100% safe meat for us to eat that a family can afford to eat without having your own minifarm? 


    Try Slanker's:  They seem to be totally dedicated to providing high quality, grass-fed meats. 


    Does the gluten/grains fed to the animals get into the meat? I have not really been very picky about the meat I buy.  hmmm.



    Peter Osborne

    This is a question under debate.  No one has thoroughly researched this element.  I always default to the common sense rule when evaluating healthy food.  Cows are not genetically designed to eat grain.  Force feeding large quantities to induce obestity before we eat them seems less than healthy.

    All the best,

    Dr. O

    Peter Osborne

    Birds are seed eaters.  Chicken included.  My advice is to find chicken that is free range organic.  Free range allows them to hunt and find other non grain based foods.  Chickens are not vegetarians.

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