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    Being a 22 year old with Celiac disease is tough. I want to be drinking with my friends but find few alternatives. Sake has been the main product I go to, but I have never been satisfied

    with the harshness of most sakes. Also bringing a sake bottle to a party isn’t that cool. I recently discovered a new product of sake (most other ones I don’t know the names and just purchase). This one has been getting a good amount of press it seems, and my friend suggested it to me. It’s called Tyku. Its in a neat bottle so people usually ask me about it, and the sake is smooth. They have other products that I can’t try, but I have tried one of the sakes and its great. Tastes like a wine, and can be mixed, which is new for me. The sake I have been trying is in a black bottle, but supposedely they have a better one in a white bottle, but I am plenty happy with this one. This is the first sake I actually know the brand, and it seems to be spreading in stores. Unfortunately I haven’t found it everywhere, hopefully in time. Their blog which is shows you locations, very helpful! It’s also in restaurants besides sushi places, so if I’m lucky I can have a cocktail with my friends.  I highly recomend trying it if you want a tasty drink.

    Peter Osborne

    I have been having the same problem (wanting to drink with my friends but can’t) and was sooo happy to see your article! I have seen this TY KU stuff everywhere and always wondered if it was good, after reading your article I went to their website and there are so many good recipes! I’m excited to grab a bottle and try some soon!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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