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    prairie rose

    I am wondering if there is any connection between gluten and lectin sensitivity. I f I remember correctly, lectin is another type of protien. I suffer from extremely severe migraines and it is seriously affecting my life. I went grain free and had some success, but found that there may also be a link between migraines and lectins. I have been trying to eliminate:



    nuts and seeds





    How long can it take to see any great gains in following this course of action? I have seen some progress after a few weeks, but of course, I am anxious to get some normallacy back in my life, where I will be able to function, and not have to bear these debilitating migraines.

    Peter Osborne


    It can take several months.  I recommend in the mean time that you be thoroughly examined by a chiropractor if you have not already.  Structural spinal abnormalities are a common source of migraines as well.  You may also benefit from watching the interview with Sayer Ji and myself.  We go into some depth about lectins.  


    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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