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    Hope this gets through, I've replied on some other posts and my reply didn't get on the BB?

       I wanted to let others here know about a few items that will affect your health.  I worked for years in a big Chemical Co. that also made plastics. Any food grade plastics are required by the FDA to use oils and lubricants in their processing equipment that is food safe?   They always used mineral and glycerin for lubricants in pumps/valves/compressors,etc.  Glycerin was traditionally a safe product that was cooked from fats and some vegetable sources.  Now there are virtually no traditional Glycerin factories operating. It seems that when the fuel makers produce their Gov't required Biodiesel fuel from soybeans/corn/grains and waste stems, etc. that a byproduct/waste leftover from the biodiesel is millions of gallons of “Glycerin”. It's a waste/freebie that they now totally use/sell to make money with no effort.  Our big problem is that glycerin is used in a lot of our food products/ soaps/toothpastes/cosmetics and even medicines. I just looked a my wife's bottle of allergy syrup and it has glycerin in it in addition to the glycol (antifreeze) for preservatives!   There is even glycerin used in making the gel ingredients used when you can your own homegrown/safe and organic vegetables and fruits!  Lots of contamination/cross-contamination possible!  Sure needs investigating because they are not telling anyone about the change……heck, it's just FOOD!!!

      One last thing while I'm on my soapbox/rant for anyone that cares. My experience making plastics for a living give me an insight that some of you may not know?    Plastics, no matter how carefully foodsafe or inert are made from poisonous gasses and chemicals before the reaction process that turns it into plastic.    After making plastic and turning it into items for use the plastic will “ALWAYS”  give off some of these poisonous gasses into our air.  If you use or put your food/drink into a plastic container of any kind it will always absorb some of the plastic poison.  I know most everything is made from plastic but take this advice,  even if you store your food or drink in a plastic container,  NEVER heat or cook your food or drink in anything that is made of plastic.  The plastic when heated gives off  a lot more of the poisonous chemicals into your food.   Transfer any stored food into a glass container before microwaving/heating or recooking.  Don't eat or drink anything hot on/in a plastic plate/bowl/glass or cup…..use glass,metal or ceramic.   Do not use a plastic coated pot or pan to cook your food/drink…..I worked for “the” company that makes it, but my advice is to “lose” anything coated with Teflon or any other similar coating.   Notice after a few years that the coating is gone and you need to buy a new “non-stick” utensil?   Guess where all that plastic poison went??   Right into your food, then your stomach, then your organs and cells.    Pure dangerous poison!.   As we all know from having to stop consuming foods that are bad for us to restore good health, it is also imperative that we do our utmost to eliminate as many of the poisons that are being conveniently placed into our lives.  Especially anything that we eat,drink or apply to our skin!    Makes a person wonder what a food manufacturer is thinking when you buy a “microwave to eat” meal from the frozen grocery section and place it straight into the microwave for cooking.  A plastic tray with a plastic film cover and may as well use a plastic fork to eat it??   NOT!    I feel that over the long haul a person may be in as much danger from the poisons as the type of food we consume and likely those of us who already have the CD/GS problem may be in more danger from those poisons than a person without food issues?  Hope this helps and not telling everyone to chunk all their kitchen equipment, just use common sense and good health judgement.  What do y'all think??


    Peter Osborne

    Great post Norb!

    Thanks for your insight. 

    Dr. OSmile

    Rita Bray

    I found some really nice food storage items made from glass at  Now it seems so odd to

    see glass bowls with plastic lids.Cool


    I think those glass bowls and storage containers would be great even with the plastic lids.  The food won't be in constant contact with the lid anyway and just be sure to remove the lid before microwaving or heating. If there is still any concern just put some aluminum foil over the bowl and fasten the lid before storing in the refrigerator.

    Diane Zides

    I agree 100%. I don't use anything with glycerin in it. It irritates me. I use salt to brush with and sometimes hydrogen peroxide and baking powder. I also use a pinch of baking powder and some water as a deoderant. Works great. I use it to wash my hair as well after making a mixture of it with water. I rinse with diluted vinegar. Works as good as anything to clean hair. I get reactions to just about everything out there, so I had to find alternates. I use 100% cocoa butter to moisturize. I'd use coconut oil but I'm intolerant to it. Anything you put on your skin goes into it, so I can't take a chance.

    I read that teflon pans kill birds if they're in the same room they're being used in, especially if the pan is deteriorating. I used one once and got rid of it. The idea of a coating wasn't appealing and I felt it wasn't healthy.

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