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    Do any of you guys out there know much about genetic test results? I’ve had a few different types of tests done over the past several months for gluten, including ALCAT, saliva, fecal (Entero Lab) and none were positive for gluten problems. The fecal test at Entero Lab came in at a 9, and the cutoff to show sensitivity to gluten is a 10. Of course I had been on a traditional gluten free diet for a few months prior to the test, so the results may have been different if the test was taken earlier. The results I got from Entero Lab for the gene tests were as follows:
    HLA-DQ B1 Molecular Analysis Allele 1 0302
    HLA-DQ B1 Molecular Analysis Allele 2 0301
    What do these results mean for me?

    Thank you,


    I had that same testing done (enteroLab) and it told me exactly what the gentic testing results meant. I can’t remember what each allele means. I’m pretty sure if you look on your test it will give you a detailed description.
    If you can’t find it I’m sure someone on here knows what that means.


    Thank you Lori.
    I was just kind of wondering what it meant in terms of how gluten sensitive I really am. All of the other tests are inconclusive, but the genetic tests say I have one gene for celiac and one gene for gluten sensitivity. I guess this means I probably need to avoid gluten all the time, huh? I was recently diagnosed with auto-immune hypothyroidism (Hashimotos), and I’ve been fighting candida problems for a few months too. Maybe gluten is playing a role in this. I just recently have started trying to be on the true gluten free diet, instead of the traditional one, so maybe things will get better soon. I hope so, because I still don’t feel to well these days at all. It’s just so hard trying to figure all of this out, and trying to figure out what has caused what to go wrong with my health.

    Thanks again,


    Jeff, I too have 1 celiac gene and 1 gluten sensitivity gene and my Doctor told me that me and all of my children need to completely avoid all gluten. I also have Hashimoto’s and I so blame it on gluten. I have been grain free for a long time and then recently while on a vacation I ate some Udi’s gluten free bread (made from rice) the bloating was so awful. I don’t crave this stuff often, but vacationing is the worst. I also suffer from candida and I haven’t been following that diet and I know I need to. I found a great functional medicine Doctor here in MIchigan, but the problem is he is very expensive because he doesn’t accept insurance. So, I rarely go to him. I need to make an appointment because I know I am not completely healed. I struggle with weight loss, I was dieting and exercising with the guidance of a trainer and I still wasn’t losing weight. I have been sick off and on for 3 weeks and between that and vacations haven’t been exercising and I am so afraid to look at the scale. My advice to you is to start the true gluten free diet and don’t look back, it may take a while to heal but you will eventually get there. I don’t want to end up like my father who has had 3 different types of cancer one of them being colon cancer. He has so many health issues and I know that is right where I was headed. Try to focus on the future and even if the healing is slow at least you won’t be making things worse like my father.
    Best wishes!

    P.S. My doctor told me being gluten sensitive is like being pregnant you either are or you aren’t there is no mild case of gluten sensitivity. You need to completely stay away from the poison. It was also described to me as rat poison, if you eat a tiny amount it may not kill you instantly or even make you sick right then, but if you keep putting trace amounts in your system it will eventually mess up your system in a bad way and eventually kill you.(just something to think about, I don’t mean to scare you, but it kind of scared me straight)


    My wife’s Enterolab test shows no Celiac genes but does show one gluten sensitivity gene. Anyone that has a Celiac gene has to totally avoid all gluten or their immune system will keep damaging the villi in the small intestine. Total avoidance of gluten will allow the small intestine to recover and heal over time, according to research. Anyone who has the GS gene has to also avoid all gluten to avoid contracting the same auto-immune diseases and bad symptoms. Problem with all this is there is no middle ground and any consumption of gluten/grains/soy/legumes is going to keep us ill and unhealthy. The talking heads on tv are now making it all “sugar” and “red meats” but eat plenty of grains? They will push a group survey as “fact” but ignore research on grains/legumes being toxins, and not just any toxin but a neurotoxin that will damage nerves and the brain. No wonder there are so many sick and obese people in this country. Every time you turn around there is another “non-scientific” study on groups of people and supposed “findings of fact” that are wrong.Frown


    Thanks Lori,
    I think your reply was just what I needed. Sometimes being scared in to doing the right thing is much needed. I’ve known about being Hypothyroid for a while now, but only found out about Hashimotos a few months ago. I kept believing the Hashimotos was a symptom caused by an under-lying problem. I too now believe like you that gluten is at the root of my health problems. I so believed I could figure it out and correct the problem, so I never did take any medication like dessicated Naturethroid or Armour, since I’ve read that regular T4 only meds will pretty much leave you sick and may even make you worse. I think I’ll go on the meds until I can get this all sorted out, because being Hypothyroid and not treating it is extremely miserable! I’ve recently read where some Hypothyroid patients had thier problems clear up to where they could either cut back on, or completely stop taking thier thyroid medications after being truly grain free. You are right, it’s time to do this and never look back. I have some loved ones now that are sickly, and have also lost loved ones to diseases that I believe were probably caused by, or at least made worse by gluten, because I’m sure they had at least some of the same gluten genes that I have.
    It’s also tough watching my 3 kids and wife still consuming gluten filled foods on a regular basis. I see problems starting to show up in them that I know are coming from gluten, but they keep ignoring my warnings.
    You are right, the healing will probably be slow, but the results will be well worth the effort. Let’s both hang in there.

    Thanks again and best wishes.


    Thanks for the reply, Redbird. You are right, I need to completely stay away from all grains, soy dairy, legumes. etc. or my auto-immune hypothyroid problems will never clear up, and may even get worse. I just have to keep reminding myself how toxic glutens are, and to stop thinking small amounts here and there probably wont hurt me, because over time, they will, and have. You are right about all of the sick and obese people in this country, and when I see these people, I often wonder how many are sick due to glutens. Probably most of them. It also doesn’t help with all the so-called studies out there like you said that promote things that are bad for us and try to steer us away from things that aren’t. My wife is from the old school, and still says I don’t feel good because I’m not eating a balanced diet because I’m not consuming lots of grains, like the food pyramid says I’m supposed to. Sadly, sometimes my wife is my worst enemy and biggest hinderence in my quest to be totally gluten free. Frown I know it’s going to be a long tough road ahead, but I will definitely make sure I’m up for the challenge. My future depends on it. No more eating a 90-95% Paleo Diet, because the 5-10% part can cause me a lot of damage and suffering. It’s time to be “All in”.

    Thanks again, and have a good day.


    Jeff, hang in there pal. It is not easy to totally lose all the grains/legumes, even if trying hard. My wife found out she has the GS problem after going on the GF diet to help me, we had no idea her health issues were related to gluten/grains/legumes. Maybe you can explain to your wife that your Enterolab tests show you have a “genetic” disease and even the experts who design the “healthy food pyramid” would tell you that your HLA-DQ Celiac Gene requires you to totally avoid “all” gluten to get well and stop/prevent any of the diseases that derive from this CD/GS genetic issue. I also have a terrible time seeing all my sicko family members who obviously have the GS genes for sure with symptoms even worse than mine were before going GF. They are educated and should be seriously looking at our success with the GF diet and Enterolab tests for proof. I really can’t understand what they are thinking or how they are justifying dismissing this discovery. I’ve heard, “it’s too expensive to be on the diet” or “my doctor doesn’t think so” or “it’s just food and we all have to eat and it’s supposed to be good for us”??? I tell them it’s not expensive, just eat good real food and ignore the false “gluten-free” junk. I have also upset them when reminding them that when we lived down in Texas we also had the same “Doctor” they visit and were never helped with our problems, just meds that didn’t help like Welchol for diarrhea, suppositories for rectal bleeding, etc. So I tell them the Doctor is not going to help them with a diet, and she once told me she was saving up to retire and lose all the stress. Can’t make money by running off patients onto a GF diet instead of office visits and medicine kickbacks, won’t pay the BMW note on the GF diet??? I’ve tried to reach my family and have helped a few and others just laugh it off. It seems that they are angry because we are starting to really feel great while they are suffering and sick all the time but they are not interested in hearing advice. They don’t even open my e-mails with links that explain the facts and research reports that explain why avoiding gluten/grains can get them healthy again. Have to let go, we’ve tried to reach them, it’s their health to live with!


    Thanks Norb,
    I will definitely hang in there, and I hope you and your wife do the same as well. I really need to get well soon, because I always thought that would help those around me to better understand and believe in what I’ve been trying to tell them about the horrible effects of gluten. My younger brother who is in his mid forties is already on cholesterol medicine, blood pressure pills, anti-inflammatory pills, antacids, and diabetes medicine! He keeps going to all the regular doctors who, just like you said, keep giving him one pill after another. They would lose a lot of money if they fixed him up by making sure he ate a good diet. My older brother also has a lot of health issues as well, but I just can’t seem to get through to these guys. Maybe someday they will listen, because I’m sure they have some of the same gluten related genes that I have. I just hope it won’t be too late. Like you said though, it’s their health they have to live with. I can’t force them to be well.



    Do you actually have to be off legumes being on a true gluten free (grain free diet)?


    There is the possibility of grain cross-contamination in our beans and peanuts because of farming on the same land with harvesters/trucks/silos and factories processing them all on the same packing lines too. Watch the videos and read the research reports that Dr. O has provided and you will see that legumes have dangerous toxins called lectins that also are not good to eat, especially for folks like us that already have the genetic food problems. Maybe someone can add more to this but it seems that Dr. O sees a lot of patients that have CD/GS and a lot of them don’t totally recover good health until they eliminate all the grains and legumes besides just gluten. It seems that there can be damage done inside without giving us noticeable symptoms and if that can happen what level of health are you willing to obtain and what are you willing to give up to make sure?


    I have noticed that I do not do good on legumes either. I just had a “pea-sallad” and heartburn is intense and nausea. Frown I cut out all legumes when I was first diagnosed in 2006, tried them again this year….yuck.

    I was curious about this connection, so I thought I’d ask. Thanks! Smile

    Diane Zides

    I too have Hasimoto’s, Candida, and many food intolerances. When I eat something my body hates, I get extreme exhaustion not being able to digest it, which lasts at least 6 hours. It’s a horrible feeling. It makes it hard to breathe as well. It’s vital you steer clear of all gluten, all foods that make Candida worse, and any food you’re intolerant to or that doesn’t sit well with you once you’ve eaten it. They produce inflammation EVERY time you eat them whether you get symptoms or not, which affects everything that’s wrong with you, and you won’t heal. The body mistakes the following foods along with any food you’re allergic or intolerant too, as if they were gluten: eggs, dairy, coffee, legumes (and all nuts), potatoes, and the other nightshades tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers especially if they don’t agree with you in even the smallest way. You have to heal your stomach and intestines which will correct the thyroid, by eating ONLY protein and vegetables that agree, and stay clear of all the junky gluten free garbage products that are out there. Take only the nutritional supplements your doctor has determined you actually need. Keep blood sugar steady which also affects thyroid function, by eating some protein every 2 or 3 hours even if you’re not hungry. If you crave sugar or feel fatigue after eating, you ate too many vegetable carbs and not enough protein. Find the ratio of protein to carbs that eliminates these symptoms after eating. If you feel nauseous when you get up and have no appetitie (thyroid related), force yourself to take a small bite or two of protein. The nausea will go away. Eat breakfast within one hour of getting up. Don’t delay meals. If you are 100% compliant and don’t cheat, you will eventually heal and perhaps you’ll be fortunate to never need thyroid medication and will once again be able to enjoy the foods you can’t right now, except for gluten which you’ll never be able to eat ever again. It’s what started this whole thing. There is no other way. One man’s food is another man’s poison. Stop eating your poisonous foods.

    Unintentionally being served an intolerant food that a restaurant put in my meal by mistake, gave me a tremendous gas attack that led to acute gastritis. Now my stomach is even more sensitive and less efficient then before. Four weeks later, I got thyroiditis for the first time in years. It takes the thyroid time to react, so thyroid symptoms don’t appear right away after an assault. They lag behind. I’ve lost weight eating only protein and veggies in spite of Hasimoto’s. I know it will take me at least 2 to 3 years to heal.


    Hi Diane,
    Sorry to hear you’re suffering from the same stuff I am. I know occasionally I still eat something that does not agree with me and I don’t feel real well afterwards. It sometimes makes me feel fatigued, gassy, foggy-brained, etc. It sometimes makes my heart beat even faster and harder than it already does, which is already very annoying. I know these are also symptoms of my Hashimotos. I still think I should get on some good dessicated or specially compounded thyroid medicine, at least until I can get my stomach and intestines back in good health which I hope will help correct my thyroid problems. It just seems crazy to keep suffering from this thyroid condition needlessly while I’m going through the rest of my healing process. I know I have recently cut out all grains, so I know it will be a while until I am better. I didn’t get this way overnight, so I can’t expect it to go away overnight either. It may be time to have another food sensitivity test done, like ALCAT or Elisa ACT, since it’s been a while. Maybe something else is bothering me and causing inflammation, which will just keep my Hashimotos from ever healing.

    Lets all hang in there and beat this thing!


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