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    I didn't measure any of this so I will just describe what I did.  I chopped up some onion (as much as you like, we like A LOT and big chunks), cube some grass fed boneless chicken breast. I poured some grapeseed oil in a pan, not deep, but enough so you will be able to toss the noodles and get some flavor.  Then, I saute'd the chicken and onion until cooked (seasoned with italian seasoning, garlic powder and sea salt). I then tossed in some (precooked) mung bean fettuccine and heated until noodles were warmed through. It tasted fantastic, I really felt like I was eating pasta! I have used these with tomato sauce for spaghetti (they do make spaghetti noodles too).  


    I cook the noodles up ( a whole package at a time) and keep them in the fridge for a few days to use in recipes.

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