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    I just wanted to post a great big thank you to Gluten Free Society and Dr. Osborne for addressing health the way it should be–looking at the whole picture, identifying what needs to be left out of the body and what should be taken in. It works! I am only a few weeks gluten free and I am far from “fully cured”, but since I had my ELISA test done and stopped eating my allergic foods, my body feels lighter, I find myself moving faster and laughing easier. All of these are subtle but the biggest difference is my motivation to exercise, because I finally have SOME level of tolerance, and the more I exercise the more things snowball in the right direction. I still have digestive symptoms, still have anxiety, still wired at night and still hate getting up in the morning. However, I am not so sluggish and getting out of the recliner and climbing the stairs don’t make me out of breath. Tonight I helped my husband unhook a large piece of equipment from the pickup, which involves cranking a handle to lift the equipment up to take the pressure off the hitch so you can pull away, and I was able to do the whole thing on my own without his help! I’m up to 18.5 “lady” pushups–I pushed myself today until my arms gave out, where I used to do well to get to five. I still can’t do a real pushup but I will get there.

    If you have not had the delayed allergy testing done, I strongly recommend it. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it. I had no idea I was hypersensitive to anything. In fact no food, not even gluten, bothers me when I eat it. Nothing does. I found I have 13 allergens. If you are on a gluten free diet and you’re discouraged because you don’t feel that different, find out what you’re allergic to. I don’t notice a difference being gluten free only. But I sure do notice a difference not eating the foods I’m allergic to while also avoiding the grains. The better you feel, the more motivated you get and the more energized you become. I find myself getting excited to try new recipes and honestly a lot of grain free stuff tastes better than the junk we miss!


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