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    I had my Elisa Test drawn last week. If I have food intolerances the total IGG and IGA (as I understand) should be raised. My fear is that I will be the 1 in 500 that do not have these measureable antibodies.

    I had one test for antibodies earlier it was a Quest Lab for antibodies to gluten. The test showed I had no reaction to gluten or anything else(even things I am well aware I should stay clear of such as yeast and mold.) I know they should have been false negative when I was avoiding them, but I couldn’t avoid all mold for example. Therefore, I am afraid of false negative results.

    My question is whether celiac can be a causing factor of the lack of these antibodies or not? Also will being gluten free lead to these antibodies being produced in the future? Please let me know if you have experience with this.



    I wonder. if you ate gluten just prior to the test, how would this effect the results of the test?


    I am so glad I didn’t do that even though I wonder too.

    The results are in for this. My total IgE was 5.6. I did not react to eggs, avocado, pork, banana, cucumber, olive, sardines and strawberry. Each and everthing else that I am eating (and was tested on) Came out in the very low. Several things came out in 1+ also. Crab, which I only eat on seaweed was 2+ and buckwheat registered at 3+.

    One specific question:

    Some of the foods that I showed a reaction to I am not actively trying to eat such as corn, gluten, and milk. Oops I had been eating butter and switched to ghee recently. Is this more serious than a food I eat alot of testing reactive? Is this a sign that things are cross contaminated? Is this a sign that my body is not getting these things cleaned out very fast?

    I discovered, by my test, and other factors that I was sold cocoa powder (a no no for me) rather than Carob powder by mistake. Now, I have a 25 lb bag of cocoa powder and the bag is out of the original box! I need to verify it by smelling carob powder and cocoa powder, but I am fairly sure. I was suspicious from the very first whiff of it. So if anyone needs cocoa powder, let me know!

    My test was done by Genova Diagnostics. My chiro and I are not sure of the signifigance of all of this, but we are working on it. We did realize that I am having leaky gut problems. I appear to be reacting to things I only get in my supplements. Therefore, after 5 years of these supplements that saved my life; I must conclude that I need to change?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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