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    I'm not intolerant to eggs, but I don't feel well after eating them, even when they're poached. I tried one hard boiled egg this morning, having nothing else with it, over an hour ago. So far I'm fine. I am intolerant to chicken though. Could that be the reason? Could the grains in chicken feed be passed to people thru eggs just like the grain from grain fed beef they say does?

    Peter OsbornePeter Osborne

    Yes, the source of the egg/chicken is important to consider.  If you can get your eggs from a local farmer who allows his chickens to free range you will be better off.


    Thanks. Unless I'm wrong about this, I've read that chicken's are given various diets depending on whether they are used for egg laying, or going to become someone's meal. Free range doesn't necessarily mean they aren't getting some grains in the supplemental feed. I'll be calling various company's to find an egg I can eat. I switched to grass fed beef a few weeks back, and I can definitely say I think it makes a difference in how I feel after a meal. I didn't think I was that sensitive, but I guess I am.


    Thank you. I switched to grass fed beef and can feel the difference, so I'll try to find eggs that are not given any supplemental grains with their free range diet. I'm surprised how sensitive I've become.

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