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    Although I have been eating clean for a few years, and following a Paleo lifestyle, I
    had not eliminated salt, and at times, still consumed some meats that were not
    grass-fed and on a few rare occasions drank a “gluten-free” sorghum based beer,
    thinking that it was ok since it was labeled gluten-free. Obviously, I was not totally gluten-free,
    nor eating as clean as I should and not over my determination to fully Paleo. (Pulling
    the Cordain book off the shelf now for a refresher read!)
    I’ve spent a lot of time here watching the videos, learning things that should have been
    a part of my transition away from processed foods and gluten several years ago.
    I have always worked through a lot of things via dreams and meditation. Many
    things are often symbolic, yet sometimes a part of a vision or dream is so
    straight forward there is no question that I am seeing something powerful.

    Early this morning I woke from a dream. I remember seeing a man and a woman
    in the dream and both would be categorized as extremely or morbidly obese.
    Interestingly enough, the dream took place in my grandfather’s garage. When I
    was growing up I spent most of my time at his house and often in his garage, looking out the
    back door at the chickens in the back yard. And there is the fact that a lot of my
    truly significant dreams seem to be located there.
    I observed the man and woman talking to each other, and I noticed that although
    they were holding hands, they were careful to cover their hands with a large towel.
    I was puzzled with the towel, and what the symbolism might be, considering the
    obvious fact that they were holding hands and there was no attempt to camouflage
    their physical size.
    The observation of the couple was brief because my attention was focused on
    the movement of something outside the door. I recognized it immediately. It
    was a hydra. It looked like the one here on the site. In the dream it was huge, with
    the heads moving in multiple directions. Almost immediately there was a barrage
    of sharp white arrows coming from all angles, until the hydra was pierced like a
    gigantic pin cushion.
    I’ve thought about this today as I was working. Obviously I understand the arrows
    hitting the hydra. I am revamping my meals, reducing the caloric percentage as
    recommended, and eliminating the few things that I know now are not truly
    gluten free and have no place in my Paleo lifestyle, like the rare sorghum beer and
    any non grass-fed meats, and I am keeping my workouts strong. I have returned to
    doing IF (Intermittent Fasting) and with that I am feeling a better balance with myself.
    Symbolically I am not clear on observing the couple, or the towel. Perhaps an
    indicator of what could occur if one did not follow the protocol of following a
    true gluten-free lifestyle.

    I’m curious to see if any of you have any thoughts or observations on the dream …

    Peter Osborne

    I am no dream analyst, but what crosses my mind is the thought that the couple may be married or partners, and that their gluten free journey needs to be done together.  Often times patients get the bulk of cross contamination exposure through a spouse or loved one.  Are you married?


    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile

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