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    Went for my 6 mth check up today and Dr. said we can try taking me off blood pressure meds because my blood pressure was 110/70 and I was only taking 1/2 of the lowest strenth medicine there is.  I know this is from eating GF!  She also did blook workup so I can hardly wait to see how my thyroid numbers are.  ( I am currently taking .325 synthroid) 

    She was receptive to what I am doing, but I’m not sure she really believed in the gluten sensitivity thing.  She wanted to know how difficult the diet it was and I told her it really wasn’t very difficult at all.  She also said, well you can’t say anything bad about that diet and if you feel better, then you might as well keep eating that way.  It certaintly isn’t hurting anything.

    I showed her my enterolab results and she read them, but didin’t really say to much about them.  But, at least she didn’t blow me off.  I left feeling very good! 🙂


    Peter Osborne

    Awesome!  Blood pressure reduction is a common symptom of the gluten free diet.  Have you had an iodine loading test performed?  Have you had your vitamin and mineral levels checked?  These are important in establishing a healthy functioning thyroid.  Ask your doc to perform nutritional testing.


    All the best,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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