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    Peter Osborne

    My own personal experience eating gluten free bread has never been very good.  These breads tend to cause me constipation and excessive gas.  Am I alone or have you also experienced similar symptoms or other problems associated with the consumption of “gluten free” products?  Please share your experiences…and read the article posted below.





    Dr. O


    My experience with the Bob's Red Mill gluten free bread was not good. Not glutenning but like you mentioned a lot of gas and gut discomfort from the garbanza bean flour.  The Palmela'a bread mix is rice flours and sorghum flour and I thought the first time it was also causing discomfort but later found a different cause. Pamela's GF bread mix makes tasty bread with no beans and no adverse gut reaction,   just kinda fattening and we're trying to slow down and lose some weight!Smile

     Compared to buying in a local grocery store the price for that is much cheaper on Amazon and free shipping too.


    Well, my previous post sounded good?  NOT!    My wife decided to make another loaf of bread with Pamela's Bread Mix and I only had one piece with butter.  Not a gluttening type of reaction but still messed up in the gut.  Either cross-contamined with gliaden but don't think so because that would have given me diarrhea so it must be I can't withstand the sorghum grain in the flour.  No more of that flour, along with the wheat,rye,barley and corns too.  The world won't end if I can't have bread after suffering this CD for 45 years without diagnosis and relief!

    Diane Zides

    I don't touch any gluten free products. I'm afraid to. I can get gas in 5 minutes of eating something that has sugar/starch in it. I've been gluten free for months now, but nothing's changed yet. I suspect it will take a few years if at all to recolonize my colon after what gluten and a few antibiotics did to it the last few years.


    It's been a long time since I have even attempted it so I can't remember any gassiness or constipation.  I bought a bread machine because I was going to become a great gluten-free bread maker … right.  I made some that was horrible and some that was not all that bad.  But they all caused bloating and this horrible feeling of not being able to swallow it.  I always felt like it was sticking all the way down.  That's been my experience with the home made and the store bought. 

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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