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    Okay, Dr. O, you are two for two in the restaurant recommending game.  We went to Ruggles Green last month and ate safe, delicious food.  Then last night, we tried Aura for the first time and loved it.  I got the grass fed filet mignon and my husband ordered venison.  The food was great, service was excellent and we were there with about 10 friends who now think we're brilliant!  It is definitely, as you said, a special occasion-only place, due to price, but how great to wake up this morning and not feel sick from eating out.  Our only problem was a waiter who kept assuring us that items with corn were gluten-free, but we were able to ignore him quite nicely.  As long as we communicated clearly what we wanted and didn't want, they were extremely accomodating.  THanks for a great suggestion.

    Peter Osborne

    Glad you enjoyed!Wink

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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