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     For those on this site that attens church I was just wondering what you do when it comes to taking Communion? After researching I have found that even the GF Communion host are made with brown rice or soy flour. Thought about making my own but even the bread recipes in Dr. O's cookbook and other Grain Free cookbooks still have ingredients I can't use ie. honey, agave etc. There are always a few ingredients I can't use.  Have any of you run into this problem? Sure would appreciate any feedback you might give. For now I have just substituted with any food I can have and water.


    I eat the gluten free wafers. I know they are not really safe, but I am putting my faith in God to protect me. My Pastor is very careful about keeping my wafers (there are 4 of us in my church) away from the others.  My Pastor also said, it says in the Bible the wafers need to be made from some kind of grain. Not the best news in the world, but I'm just trusting in God on this one.012


    My husband and I have grappled with this one, too.  We tried the traditional bread, which in our church is a tiny amount, and juice.  I got sick and felt lousy for a couple of days and he didn't handle it well, either.  To be honest with you, we have prayed over this question and we no longer take the elements.  We still feel like we participate because for me the focus is on  remembering the sacrifice that was made for us.  So, I am participating in my heart and I feel like God understands my sensitivities and allergies and knows the itentions of my heart.


    Amen! Smile I just started doing it at my house in the morning and use whatever I am eating for breakfast which is eggs  and water. You are correct. God knows our hearts. Thank you both! God bless!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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