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    I know that Dr. Osborne has told us many times that our GS/CD problems are not just wheat/gluten/gliaden or even just alpha gliaden when there are studies showing problems in all four gliaden proteins. Unlike Dr.O and most of our professionals working to heal folks and get the word out who don’t have all the time in the world to look at all the many different aspects, I have been researching all trails that lead to answers and there are many. Dr. Davis is a Cardiologist who developed diabetes years ago and couldn’t understand because he jogged 5 miles a day and ate what he thought was a great diet. His research can be found on several Youtube videos that explain how our scientists have hybridized and Genetically modified our original tall wheat into semi-dwarf short wheat with a large grainhead that produces up to 10 times as much wheat per acre. Our new(since the 1980’s)also contains about 500 times as much gluten as the original, WOW!! Now virtually all commercial wheat is this semi-dwarf wheat and BASF chemical company even took it and genetically added other plant genes and even genes from the flounder fish to create dangerous GMO wheat with internal pesticides,etc. Dr. Davis found this wheat problem and proposes eliminating wheat but isn’t looking at the gluten connection, just the Frankenfood issue. Now I have followed a trail on Diabetes that explains a different aspect of the wheat problem that is not the gluten or GMO wheat issue. When the wheat flour producers make our beautiful/white bleached flour the process involves bathing the dried flour in chloride oxide gas for bleaching. This process causes the bleached flour to combine some of the proteins with the chloride oxide to make a compound in the flour known as Alloxan. The FDA and producers dismiss the Alloxan/diabetes by saying that many people eat bread/flour and everyone eating flour/bread doesn’t get diabetes. Everybody doesn’t react the same to all toxins! Point is that the Alloxan is known to kill healthy pancreas cells and cause folks to stop producing enough insulin and developing Diabetes. In fact, when the researchers want to test their lab mice with a new drug for diabetes control or potential cure they have to induce the mouse to be diabetic and they do this by injecting the mouse with Alloxan! Just another possible answer in this complicated puzzle and maybe Dr. O can explain it but I know the final answer is still the same. Not a drug to allow GS/CD folks to eat the gluten/grain poison but only a totally 100% gluten/grain/soy/lectin free diet. In fact, I don’t now even consider this a diet but a required life style because this is not just about food either. We can get sick and have negative health issues from skin or breathing contact with gluten in soaps/toothpaste/lotions etc. or flour in the air where they bake bread or pasteries. I love the smell of Jergens and bought their liquid soap and lotion in the past and developed terrible rashes on my hands and arms. After going GF in Oct 2011 and switching to GF SoftSoap the rashes dissapeared. Do some Google research if you need to explain this to others who need convincing, it’s not “just food” or gluten or wheat farming, there are too many processes being performed and no one person or group is able to put it all into one package. Besides that the researchers keep discovering more new findings of causation. Also it is not just wheat but all grains and just about anything but our safe meats/veggies and fruits. I’m still tracking some discussion about the big agriculture folks starting to use genetics now on some our supposedly safe veggies like squash, etc. It may soon be very hard to get safe raw food too. That’s why we are growing our own Victory Garden. I’m long winded but thought this could help someone here. Blame it on my family, most of whom won’t listen and get well?Laugh

    Peter Osborne

    Awesome input! Thanks for making our forum a better place for people to get educated!
    All the best,
    Dr. OSmile

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