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    How do I get better if I can’t afford testing, major supplementation (which I know I need) (never mind having to replace all makeup, lotions, etc.). I’m Marcia (65 yrs. old), and and don’t have family to help me financially. I read all the positive testimonies about how people have had the tests, eliminated all the grains and supplemented with nutrients after consulting with Dr. Osborne, and they are so much better. As for myself, I feel more discouraged and angrier than ever because I don’t have the money for anything but the consultation. I’m very ill and desperately need some encouragement. I’m gluten, dairy, egg, soy intolerant (and a bunch of other foods). I’m scheduled for a phone consult with Dr. Osborne on September 5th, and don’t think I can wait that long. It hurts to digest ANY of the foods I CAN eat: meat, fish, veggies, fruit, nuts, and I’d just like to stop eating altogether. Numerous food intolerances discovered from an ALCAT test (2011) through a former “physical medicine doctor/chiropracter” (only had to pay $20.00 for the test through him), until insurance would not let me see him anymore. Now I’ve heard the ALCAT test is not accurate.

    I’m on a very limited income and wonder why I’m even having the consult, since that’s about all I can do. I’m pretty certain I need supplementation with calcium, magnesium, plus the healing supplements (Max Digest, Biotic Defense, and Ultra Immune IgG). My primary care physician won’t even touch a spectracell test (Medicare might cover it if she would have requested prior authorization from insurance.). However, my physician won’t do ANY testing except sending me to an allergist, who can do skin tests to check for food allergies. (Doesn’t do anything to test for delayed reactions.) 

    Truthfully, I feel like giving up…if I can’t absorb nutrients from food because I can’t digest it, can’t afford all the supplementation, then what’s the point! If the Lord gives me even two more years of life, it’s difficult to remain so ill, and not be able to do what I know I should…being at the mercy of traditional medicine…Cry


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