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    Stephanie Sherie

    To my knowledge, whey doen’t contain gluten, right?
    My sensitivites test showed a moderate reaction to whey. I’ve been off dairy for awhile – cleared up skin, no bloating, weight loss – all positive signs!
    So, I tried some Amasai and cheese from Beyond Organic, because it uses grass feed cows that have the GOOD gene (A1 or A2, I forget which one). Supposedly, some people can tolerate milk from these cows. It was also full of enzymes and probiotics.

    Well, sadly, and I mean VERY sadly, I ended up with that horrible whey reaction: pressure in my right side, that turns into lot of belching to release that air or whatever it is. It is just miserable!!! I know it’s the whey because the last time I had it was about one year ago when I was eating whey protein in my shakes. It’s the only things that gives me that SPECIFIC symptom. I am so bummed.

    Anyway, what is GFS stance on dairy?


    Peter Osborne

    Dairy is on the no list for the first 6 months of going gluten free.  Most patients I treat do poorly with dairy re-introduction after 6 months. 

    Common sense dictates that dairy should not be used as a staple food in the diet.  Humans ween from the tit around 2-3 years of age and there are studies showing a loss in the ability to properly digest the older we get.  Yell

    Stephanie Sherie

    Thanks Dr. O.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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