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    You may not really want to use this, but I just read this on a thread and had to share.

    The next time someone questions your way of eating and tries to give you “words of wisdom” against it, quote them these words from Michael Scott of NBC's “The Office”: “I will swallow what you just said, digest it, and see what comes out the other end.”


    Made me laugh and had to share, I feel like saying this sometimes!



    That sounds great and we'll remember it for “special” occasions.  So far just trying to get our obvious CD/GS relatives on board and they're not telling us what to eat,  they don't want to hear us telling them what they can't eat!Frown


    I get real tired of eating out with anyone, because that is always where the conversation goes, then I get to see their eyes roll or you can just tell by what they say (mind you they brought it up), they think I'm stupid for eating the way I do. I am getting to a point where when people ask, I'm just going to say, I really don't like to talk about my diet. We went out to eat with a family member a few weeks ago and he brought a cake for a birthday and told me, I'm not sure if it's gluten free, but I'm pretty sure it is. WHAT? Are you kidding me, I said, “there is NO way that cake is safe for me to eat.” It was a normal devils food cake not even traditional gluten free. He just wanted met to have a piece and acted hurt because I didn't. I told him I was way to full anyway and wouldn't have eaten it even if I could have……How can they think I am deprived, when I just ate a steak and baked potato, cooked with no seasoning and plain potato. I really was stuffed! Guess I got off on a tangent, sorry….LOL


    Yeah, I used to go to a Bible study on Tuesday evenings.  That was when I discovered I had Celiac disease.  We always had a wonderful potluck before the study.  I had to start asking what was in everything.  I already had to ask on a lot of items because my husband has diverticulitis and there are many things he was told by his doctor that he should not eat.

    Everyone was very understanding and some would even bring things for him and/or me to make sure we could eat.  I started taking my own food most of the time.  We always had coffee after the dinner.  One of the ladies, a NURSE, started bring the coffee … Dunkin' DoNuts flavored coffee.  I asked one night if it was regular or flavored (it was one where I couldn't really tell the difference by smell.) and she about had a cow.  She was really hateful and I can't remember all that she said except that she told me I needed to bring my own food if what everyone else brought wasn't good enough. 

    At first I was both hurt and furious.  I had a few choice words for her too but not what I would have like to have said but I kept it toned down considering it was Bible study.  As I said earlier, everyone else was fine with making sure I didn't eat what I shouldn't.  I didn't keep anyone from making what they wanted.  Part of me says she was jealous because since people were always asking me about gluten, she wasn't getting the attention she was used to getting.  (She enjoyed hogging the glory and conversation.)  So in the end, I stopped going to a Bible study with others that I loved because of this. 

    It is very hard for others to understand.  My husband tries, but even he can only understand a certain amount.  It's just something we have to deal with.  But even thinking back, it still makes me furious.

    On the other side of the table, another thing that makes me furious are the parents in line at WalMart who are clearly very unhealthy, with their kids who look as unhealthy as them.  They have their buggies full of junk and they are also buying crap at the check out lines.  I want to scream at them and tell them what they are doing to their children.  I know it wouldn't do any good to go about it that way but I feel like just taking all the crap out of their buggies and telling them what they should be eating.  🙂


    I do the same thing Judy, I look in everyone's carts and EVERYONE has a cart full of processed JUNK. So funny, that two years ago, mine looked the same way. I am SOOOOOOO happy I have learned to eat healthy!

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