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    John Bane

    Interested what the Doc has to say about Colostrum supplements as a method to speed up healing of leaky gut that is often associated with gluten sensitivity. If colostrum does reduce intestinal permeability is there a recommended brand name for these supplements? Thoughts anyone?


    Hi there!

    I use Colostrum from Surthrival. It is a company by Daniel Vitalis. He teaches that if you use colostrum over 6 hours past the time of birth of the calf, it is no longer colostrum. It becomes “transitional colostrum”. Which means, milk starts to enter,,,,,or possibly enter into the flow. Which then,,,if you are lactose intolerant….it will make you sick vs. healing your intestines. Much to be learned from Vitalis, he is awesome. Another person you could explore is David Wolfe if you havent already heard of him. This colostrum he sells is not cheap, however….the closest that i can find is 12 hour colostrum,,,,which i refuse to ingest since im focused on recovery & healing from intestinal damage from gluten & life. Laugh If you are not lactose intolerant,,,,possibly 12 hour colostrum isnt a concern. But…..this colostrum is very delicious and very high quality. Their first concern is to make sure the calves get their sufficient amount of colostrum for their health and life….& it only comes from healthy and happy cows. Hope this helps! He has videos on his website and on youtube that will teach you much about colostrum as well. Here is the link for Surthrival Colostrum. Happy Healing!!

    Much Love & Gratitude,



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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