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    It doesn’t seem like you can actually find these flours” premade” and them being true gluten free?
    At least I have not being able to find a brand that is safe. Anyone make their own flour? Or has found a company where cross-contamination is not an issue?


    I just received almond flour from Benefit Your Life I was using Bob’s Red Mill but Dr. O discovered I was still getting gluten from somewhere and we traced it back to Bob’s Red Mill. Even though it says it’s GF, it’s processed on equipment that makes all kinds of flours etc. so I’m guessing it was cross contamination somewhere. Hope this helps!


    You can order Blanched Almond flour direct from Their description says it is “certified gluten free” and we have tried it without problems. For us, it is expensive at 5lbs for $30.


    Thanks to both of you. Smile

    Yeah, I have been using Bob’s Red Mill, in lack of having my own flour mill and any other brand found locally, and I saw on their bags that there is cross-contamination issues. The fact that a company makes also gluten containing products always makes me not want to buy them. In general I don’t.

    Jackie Scarbrough

    Just wanted to add that is where I get all my almond and coconut flour, it is also certified gluten free and they have organic of both.


    Thanks! Smile

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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