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    Austin Richmond

    Hello. My name is Austin and I am 24. I have been diagnosed with chronic epididymitis(pain in my testicles) and have been having pain since February of this year. The pain comes and goes and has different intensities but is present most of the time. The Urologists and doctors have said it is an unknown cause probably caused by inflammation, but one doctor who read the results said the test showed no inflammation. I’m pretty sure I am gluten intolerant because I have constant fatigue and anxiety which I am on medicines for along with depression, but was wondering if Dr. Osborne or anybody else has heard of gluten causing this? If this is the case, how long does it take for the pain to go away and does it get worse before it gets better? (I have also been constipated and have tightness around my abdomen) This is my 3rd day being gluten free and I can still notice it and just ordered the biotic defense, ultraimmune and max digest yesterday. I don’t have a lot of money, so I can’t afford the allergy testing or spectracell yet, but I am pretty sure I’m not allergic to the foods I am eating. I’m trying to keep them basic and simple. (eggs, bananas, spinach, watermelon and walnuts). I have a bachelors in sociology, so I could get a better job, but I have social anxiety and trouble concentrating that’s keeping me from looking for one until these symptoms are fixed during the diet. Feeling foggy right now, so hopefully this makes sense to read, but I would appreciate feedback about whether epidiymitis is gluten related. Thank you.

    Austin Richmond

    Peter Osborne

    I have seen this condition respond to a gluten free diet. I would be patient and give at least 6-8 weeks being TRUE gluten free. Hang in there. It only gets better from here Smile

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