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    If any of you out there are like me, and I’m sure many are, then you’ve either cheated on, or contemplated cheating on the Gluten Free Diet. I know there are many reasons for this, and we all need to work very hard to keep it from happening. I know whenever I cheat, even if it’s just a little, it sets my healing back for what seems like forever. I broke down and ate some of my wife’s home-made enchiladas a couple of days ago, and within just a little while I could tell that was a very bad choice. I got light-headed and very foggy-brained right away. I started experiencing extreme fatigue, and could hardly keep my eyes open. Later that night I had trouble sleeping because my heart was beating faster and harder than usual. Wow, what a huge mistake I had made that day! It’s amazing the amount of suffering endured by just one cheat like that. I’ve done this type of thing before in the past, and each time I’ve endured the same type of suffering. (Kind of dumb, huh?)

    I’ve often tried to think of a reason for this type of behavior, but never could actually put my finger on it. This was the case up until 2 days ago when I stumbled upon the absolute best article I could have ever read that explained my actions as if the writer was writing it exclusively for me! 

    Click on the link below, which I sure hopes work for you, and I’m sure you will feel this article touch you the way it touched me. All I can think of now is doing the right thing, which is follow this diet, actually more like a life style than a diet, in a much more responsible manner.

    I wish you all the very best in your endeavor to regain the health you lost to this monster called “Gluten”





    I haven’t been inclined to cheat on purpose. Occassionally I am negligent in reading labels. Who would ever thought that one would need to read labels on things marked 100% or pure coconut water? I never considered reading a Sea Salt label, until I was hazy for a week. I do however suffer from the social pressure and isolation. I do feel that rejection when people seem to choose food over my presence. I know they just don’t understand, and I hope very much that one day they will. Still, I have work to get done and I must be as energetic as possible. I don’t want to continue thinking that “I can do it with half of my nutrients tied behind my back.

    I am desperate, I am determined, and I think God must love me very much and have a plan.

    Stephanie Sherie

    I had some cupcakes today with my son, and two Mc D latte’s.  I don’t know what was going on – one for the therapist office I guess.


    Anyway, I really can’t stand my symptoms.  An upset stomach would be easier.  Instead my left side feels numbish and my face tingles – it will even affect my speech (but only I can tell it’s really subtle).  UGH!  It’s really old sometimes.  I know I’m not a victim, but that’s just how I’m feeling in this moment.


    The frustrating thing is anything I’ve ever considered “fun” to eat if off limits.  On the other hand, I let my kitchen get understocked so my normal yummy, “go to” foods were out which makes the junk stuff more tempting.


    For snacks I like shakes made of cocounut milk, nuts, and a little fruit. I really enjoy my gluten free muffins and cinnamin buns. I am also am really enjoying coconut water lately. My chiro thinks one can’t enjoy cocunut water. It is true I began by thinking it tasted only like water. Now I can taste the sweetness. I am happy to enjoy meat without the quilt. I enjoy nearly all of the foods I eat.


    When I want a cheat food, I substitute and acceptable food of the same type (custard instead of Boston Creme donuts).  An acceptable treat for a non-acceptable treat.  This seems to work for me. 


    When eating with friends, I don’t tell them of my dietary needs.  Many non-gluten sensitive people also have special diets.  I just eat according to my needs and likes.  Giving up the bread, etc. is not that different then someone on a carb or calorie restricted diet.  Just eat according to your needs and be quiet about it.

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