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    Bonnie Laszlo HorowitzVonnie

    Hi everyone! I'd like to know what about carob for people with gluten sensitivity? Is carob ok to eat?

    Also, I have a nutritional supplement I am taking which says in the ingredient list that carob is used in the pills to protect the other ingredients from sunlight. Since I am sensitive, should I be concerned about the carob in this nutritional supplement?

    Thank you!


    Carob comes from Locust bean gum.  It is free of gluten.

    Bonnie Laszlo HorowitzVonnie

    Thanks. The concern/question about carob (and shea butter in a separate thread) is that if I understood Dr. O correctly, ALL grains, seeds, beans and nuts are not that good for us. Did I get that correctly? If so, that's why I'm asking about carob (and shea butter).




    I don't recommend these.  However; they are gluten free.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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