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    I’m wondering how safe it is to use Canola Oil? I have seen it here in a few recipes but I have also read elsewhere that it can be genetically modified coming from the US and Canada.

    Having said that, I would assume that it would be okay if it was certified organic or would there be any other reasons to avoid it?

    Kate Osborne
    Peter Osborne


    Canola oil is produced from genetically altered rapeseed.  Canola is a play on words – Can = Canadian, ola= oil company.

    I don’t recommend this oil for cooking.  Try coconut or safflower oil instead.

    All the best,

    Dr. OSmile


    Thanks Dr. O, yes I had read that!

    I saw some organic mayo that was made with organic canola oil so thought that might be okay since it would be GMO free. My family miss mayo :(

    Kate Osborne
    Peter Osborne

    You might try making your own.  I use avocado oil.  Tastes great!


    Thank you! I have tried unsuccessfully before but never with avocado oil. I will give it a go, thanks

    Tina Khwaja

    Dr. O-

    I found “refined” avocado oil. Is that suggested or is it supposed to be cold/expeller pressed? If that even applies to avocado oil???

    Barbara Macksey

    Hi, Altho this is an old posting I want to say now-a-days we can buy
    mayo made with avocado oil at Costco. Brand name is CHOSEN FOODS.

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