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    Diane Zides

    I swing between hypo and hyper thyroid having Hasimoto’s. I don’t take thyroid medicarion since it never helped when I did. I was having knee problems since I dance. I went for therapy but never felt I was getting anywhere. The knee pain subsided from resting them, not from therapy. I suspected my thyroid disease was making it hard to build muscle, so I asked the therapist about that, and she agreed I was wasting my time and money. I stopped the therapy. I did learn from them not to point my knees towards each other in dance moves since that was creating my problem. My quads are weak and not holding my knee caps in place as they should. I’ve always had that problem. I’m sure I was gluten intolerant since childhood getting hives from bread at age 2, but I didn’t find out until 60 years later, so gluten had a long time to work its affects on my muscles and thyroid.

    Will I be able to strengthen my muscles with thyroid disease, or do I have to wait to recover better thyroid function in time on a TGF diet? Is there something I can take that will help? Thanks.


    Wow! Please get well soon. Sorry you spent so many years not knowing What you are doing has to help those muscles if anything can. I thought 48 years of not knowing was long and the consequences very deep to pull out of. I guess we didn’t exactly volunteer for this, did we. We do it because we have to and someone cared enough to tell us!Smile

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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